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December 3, 2009

How noble is the Nobel?

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Well, it seems that the Nobel Prize might not be quite so noble as most of us once thought. According to the London Times /19/12/2008, there might have been some shenanigans with the jury who chose Harold Zur Hausen for the 2009 prize for his work which supposedly proved the causal link between human papilloma virus and cervical cancer.

Allegedly, some people from AstraZeneca, a huge pharmacorp which has a stake in two vaccines related to HPV,  had some kind of pull with the Nobel jury which nominated Zur Hausen, thereby furnishing massive credibility to the cervical cancer-HPV link, and to the ka-chingability of the HPV vaccines.

There’s more.

Zur Hausen’s fellow 2009 Nobel winner for science, Luc Montagnier, who was awarded for discovering¬† the virus that causes AIDS, now says that HIV is no more dangerous than a harmless flu virus to those who have properly-functoning immune systems. Which, if I am not jumping to conclusions, also means that most people in the world have never been in any danger from HIV as the massive HIV/AIDS fear mongerers once hyped all over Mainstream Media.

Montagnier, while being interviewed in a new film by Canadian filmmaker, Brent Leung, says: “If you have a good immune system you should be able to handle HIV easily.”

And: “Anyone with a healthy immune system can come into contact with HIV many times without being chronically infected.”

And, of course, Obama got the 2009 Nobel for peace for just talking a lot and perfecting caring and sensitive facial expressions.

Something’s definitely weird with the Nobel Prize people these days, eh.


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