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May 20, 2010

Evolution or Intelligent design?

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I received the following comment from Daniel Reynolds on May 18, 2010 which was placed after my first post back in November 2009..

“Thank you for your informative site, Truman. I noticed in your article in New Dawn No. 120 that you ‘became interested in the intelligent design-evolution debate in the 1980s’ . I’d be interested to know in brief what your conclusion was.”

Thanks for the comment, Daniel, and thanks for reading my article on flu vaccine efficacy  in New Dawn.

Briefly, I have come to the conclusion that ‘intelligent design’ furnishes the best explanation of the manner in which life has progressed here on earth.

This is a vastly complex question and I intend to write an explanatory  piece on the subject on my blog in the near future.  If you google: “Truman Green Irreducible Complexity” you will go to Larry Moran’s science blog. Some of my reasons for deciding in favour of intelligent design are presented in the debate in which I participated.

 Thanks again for your question, Daniel. Please comment here again if you find something interesting or provocative in the Irreducible Complexity debate. 



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