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April 18, 2012

Modified weather, hoaxes, lies and more lies.

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It’s a bit surreal for me to try to expose  some of these ridiculous hoaxes–  scientific, (eg, evolution by ‘natural selection’),  medical (hiv came from a monkey-not) – and”hpv causes cervical cancer”, “lipitor repairs cholesterol damage,” cows’ milk as the perfect food”, when in truth it’s one of the worst–(see pus in milk and ecoli-feces- manufactured recombinant growth hormone–rBGH in milk, mastitis and antibiotics) “wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” ” global warming,” “fossil fuels,” the war on terror”, “al queda,” (It doesn’t really exist) ” flu vaccines” (which have never been scientifically tested), and of course, the biggy, 911.

Why are all of these hoaxes and false flag events not obvious to everyone? That’s the really huge mystery! Regarding the global warming hoax, why is it not obvious to everyone that the sea level is not rising? (Just go down to your local beach a few summers in a row and measure for yourself.)

Why don’t people know that the polar bears are not decreasing in numbers?

Why would building #7 collapse an hour after the second tower when it (building 7) was not even hit by a plane and had only minimal damage from falling debris?

For readers interested in the abiotic theory of the origin of oil I suggest you merely search: Abiotic Theory of Oil and follow up on a hundred or so sites. If you don’t soon get the picture that the “fossil fuel” theory is just a stupid hoax I must speculate that it can only be a matter self-deception.

Search “Nasa’s photos of liquid methane lakes on Titan” or something similar to learn that Titan, Saturn’s huge moon, has lakes of “oil” right on its surface and so far there haven’t been any dead animals or plants to supply Titan’s lakes with “fossil fuels.”

There are no fossil fuels. It’s just a stupid lie to convince people that we could run out of oil at any time. The reasoning is that if fuel hydrocarbons originated with the bodies of dead animals and plants there must a finite amount which will inevitably be depleted at some dreadful day in the near future.

See: Peak Oil for more nonsense.

Dig deep enough and you’ll find oil just about anywhere. There’s oceans of the stuff above the earth’s mantle. The shallow wells, the main source of the western oil industry, result from seepage from the deep oceans of the stuff. It might be too deep to retrieve but it’s there.

Likewise…there’s no such thing as al queda; It’s an invention of the CIA.

One of the  strangest successes of the 911 hoaxers and their pals who own the world’s newspapers is that only a small percentage of Canadians and Americans realize that three buildings collapsed on Sept. 11, 2011 in New York.

The fact that three buildings came down is kept out of the controlled media because the third building wasn’t hit by a plane and this tends to lend incredulity to the stupid claim that the planes that hit the buildings caused them to collapsed.

This is admittedly anti-journalistic of me but people, for some strange reason, have become so stupid that they can watch videos of the buildings being blown up by explosives and still believe the official version  that the collisions with the planes caused the buildings to collapse.

It was a false flag operation; the buildings were demolished by explosions.

This unbelievably evil event was a result of a conspiracy which would create sympathy for the new wars that had already been planned for the middle east–mainly Iraq and Afghanistan. The big goal is perpetual war.

A couple of months ago I got into an argument with a friend who’d never heard of the 47 storey “building seven” that collapsed into its own footprint within an hour of the collapse of the second twin towers. He was sure I was a complete idiot to suggest that three buildings were demolished instead of 2.

“So you don’t think I’d have read about that in the newspapers if there were three buildings that came down, eh,” he said, before telling me that he didn’t want to talk to  an idiot like me.

I”ve never once read a word about building #7 in the Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province or even any of the community newspapers.

Reason: The world’s media, including the Canadian newspapers and television networks are all owned or controlled by the demonic cabal  of gangsters who perpetrate the hoaxes.

For those readers who haven’t noticed that our weather, and all of the weather in the developed nations has been completely whacked up for several years, please view the following photos, click on the link to the US Air Force Unclassified document: “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather in 2025” and learn about the weather modifications and geoengineering which is currently responsible for most of the huge earthquakes, excessive rainfall, killer tornadoes and hurricanes.

Why all of these lies, false flag programs, hoaxes and scams? Somewhere in history powerful, rich people figured out that they could fill the coffers with wealth that belonged to the world’s people by continually inventing new lies and hoaxes. War, for instance, is almost always about money. Can anyone seriously believe that 60 million people needed to die before the allies and axis powers could settle their disputes? Or was there an industrial cabal that was financing both sides for fun and games and profit?

Anyway…Happy Spring in BC’s Lower Mainland. We’ve been allotted a few sunny days so let’s enjoy them. The rain will follow quickly. I’ve already seen the giant planes overhead spewing ionizing product, seeding chemicals and heaven only knows what else. The electromagnetic wave cloud seeding will follow quickly. Then the rain.

The truth is available to everyone.



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