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May 5, 2012

Olivia Chow says she can’t tell Canadians what kind of cancer killed her husband because they would “lose hope” if they should ever get that kind of cancer.

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Aly Thomson, in a metronews article dated October 14-16, reported that Olivia Chow, when asked by an audience member about the kind of cancer that killed her husband, Canadian NDP leader, Jack Layton, replied:

“He didn’t want people to lose hope if they had that kind of cancer.”

This comment gets my award for the strangest thing ever said by a Canadian politician in the history of this country–and possibly even the strangest thing ever said by a Canadian, or even an American or a Mexican or a Spanish or French person, or possibly even a Seminole or Incan. In fact, it’s possibly the strangest thing ever said by a human being since our species diverged from the other primates 6 million years ago, and first began to rationalize. 

Even more bizarre,  when asked a similar question about the cancer that was causing his gaunt, sickly appearance, Jack Layton supplied a similar response: “Can’t tell you.”

A few weeks after Layton’s reply he was dead of some dreadful kind of mysterious, fast-acting cancer that neither he nor his wife thought the Canadian people should know about, because, apparently, it was more than our fragile nervous systems could handle.

Even stranger yet is the fact that nobody in Mainstream Media–not to mention the federal or provincial NDP parties– (or the fake “progressive, alternate” online media, like or Rabble–as far as I know), has taken up the challenge to question these bizarre replies. And not even a peep from “journalist,” Peter Mansbridge, our own private Bilderberger meeting inductee.  I almost forgot, Mansbridge has never said a public word about anything that happened at the last Bilderberger conference. I guess it’s too much to expect that Canada’s best known television “journalist” should let us know what happened at the Bilderberger conference–a secret meeting of the world’s most powerful people. Former British Columbia premier, Gordon Campbell and Chapter’s Heather Reisman were there, too, and neither of them have reported a single syllable uttered at the meeting.

Hey, “Fifth Estate,” what kind of cancer killed Jack Layton?

Jack Layton was Canada’s most loved and respected politician, and for the first time the federal NDP party had become our official opposition in large part due to the high regard most Canadians held for him.

If he was alive today (May, 2012) and if he was well, there’s no reason to doubt that he would have a very good chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada. Am I the only one who smells something very rotten, not in Denmark, but in Canada?


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