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May 9, 2012

Lakes of liquid methane on Titan. Please click on February 2011 in the archives to the right.

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The Cassini spacecraft flew by Titan in 2006 and took this photo of oily lakes. CNN did a show on the Cassini flight a few years ago but weirdly forgot to mention that these oily lakes had been discovered. Bizarre, because these oily lakes were the biggest discovery of the entire flight.

These lakes are analogous to the trillions of barrels of oil that lie ten miles or so beneath the surface of the earth.

For more on this please read my article, “The Origin of Oil” by clicking on “older posts” at the bottom of each page until you come to it.

 There are no fossils on Titan, and especially no whales or goats or fir tree forests from which fossils can be constructed. See “keregen.”

There are no “fossil fuels” on or in Earth. The “fossil fuel” theory is just as silly as David Suzuki and his ilk who support it. The “fossil fuel” nonsense is just a stupid hoax put in place to convince stupid people that fuel hydrocarbons result from the decaying of dead plants and animals, which means that we could run out at any minute. If you wonder why gas is so expensive you can stop wondering. I just told you.

You won’t be seeing this amazing, fantastic photo anytime soon on the pages of the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, or Times Colonist or any other Mainstream or “alternate” media in Canada.

Guess why. Because it tends to show up the stupidity of the “fossil fuel” nonsense.


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