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May 15, 2012

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  1. It’s sad that they are spraying most everyday over Surrey and when you tell people they look at you as if you’ve lost your mind.
    Today May 15/2012 the sky was full of them at just after noon.
    I wonder what the health effects are on our lungs and bodies?

    Comment by Stewart — May 16, 2012 @ 5:20 am

  2. Thank you, Stewart and Rob D. (except for the Morgellon’s and Carnicom referral) for adding your comments. There are many people all over the world attempting to expose and confront the cabal which is responsible for the spraying. All individuals can do is participate in
    any way they can. One of the dismaying realities is that there’s no way our air force doesn’t know about this. These huge planes that fly over spewing these chemtrails will immediately been seen by a whole array of
    of tracking systems.

    So our government knows about them, but will not admit to the people they are supposed to be representing and serving that anything’s happening.

    Regarding the chemical composition of the chemtrails, there are hundreds of sites on the internet which
    include investigations. Apparently aluminum and barium–even biological-based particulates have been dependably indentified.

    Search any city in the developed world as: Seattle chemtrails, Los Angeles chemtrails, New York chemtrails etc.
    There are bloggers in every urban area who are doing their best to expose the spraying.


    Comment by trugreen1 — May 16, 2012 @ 11:43 am

    • Rob D, Perhaps you’ll send your “doctor” a link to this blog. There are photos here that are so blatant and bizarre that if he refuses to accept that chemtrails are real he might be the one who should receive the anti-psychotic prescription.

      Please click on “older posts” at the bottom left of the page to see all of the

      If he isn’t convinced by this blog he merely has to search the word “chemtrails” plus any city in North America, Australia or Europe to
      find thousands of other sites where bloggers are doing their best to expose
      this crime.

      I also have a link to “Owning the Weather in 2025” which is an unclassified document outlining the military’s program for weather modification.

      The propaganda component of this document is that it is intended that
      the reader will believe that this weather modification capability is many years in the future, when in fact, it is here now and being constantly exhibited
      in plain view.

      There is an obvious weather modification component to the chemtrails phenomenon, but if you search many other websites, you’ll find that biological particles have also been identified in the man-made “clouds.”


      Comment by trugreen1 — May 16, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

  3. Rob D, if you’re still reading I wonder if you could let us know the procedure for having a hair analysis. Did you do it through your doctor or did you go to a lab yourself. If so, which lab? Carnicom, Will Thomas and anyone who promotes Morgellon’s as associated with the chemtrail issue is just doing paid or otherwise sponsored disinformation. Will Thomas, in particular, who many people believe is the King of Contrails, also supports the global warming scam. These people rarely mention the real raison d’etre of the chemtrail crime which is the theft of fresh water.

    Comment by trugreen1 — May 30, 2012 @ 5:40 am

  4. Rob, I should tell you that What in the World are they Spraying, Carnicom, the Morgellon’s sites on chemtrails, Will Thomas, the chemtrail King, and fake supporter of global warming, and many others are just doing disinformation and are supporters of redirection of the real chemtrail motive which is water theft. Truman

    Comment by trugreen1 — June 30, 2012 @ 4:02 am

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