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September 17, 2012

Futile rain making over Lower Mainland

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As I predicted on this blog a few months ago it now appears that the weather makers have sucked so much moisture out of the atmosphere in this area that we’re probably in for the driest fall and winter on record. I’ve seen the planes attempting to ionize the atmosphere and the electromagnetically-formed clouds in recent weeks but, except for one day out of about thirty, it’s still remained rainless.

Apparently The Vancouver Sun, our local so-called “newspaper” (really just a personal propaganda gazette of the globalists) did a recent story predicting that our sunny weather is going to stay at least until the end of September and that we’re going to get a very warm winter this year.

The Sun, Province, Times Colonist and most of the television stations are all part of the propaganda machine. I didn’t read the Sun article. I friend told me about it.  I never read propaganda, but it is impossible for the Sun’s writers or anyone else to predict the amount of rain that will fall months in advance–unless, of course, the coming dry, warm winter will result from the destruction of normal weather patterns and systems, and their weather prophesies are just fed to these monopolized “newspapers” by the weather makers.

This kind of propaganda could mean one of two things: either the weather-makers have lost control of the weather, as I predicted, by taking too much moisture from the atmosphere , or they have other plans for the water which would normally fall in his part of the world.

If the cause of ensuing dry, warm weather is lack of moisture from over-manipulation of clouds it is well to remind the “scientists” that moisture or water vapour in the atmosphere is a “zero-sum” game. Whenever you electromagnetically seed clouds in one area you are causing a deficit of rainfall in another. There is a finite number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in and on the earth and in our atmosphere. Manipulate water vapour on the massive scales that have occurred recently and you run the risk of destroying weather systems that have existed on earth for many millions of years.

Despite the “global warming” hoax, which stupidly attributes the heating of the atmosphere to increased levels of carbon dioxide–supposedly a greenhouse gas–water vapour is the only significant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere.

Unless the weather-makers stop their criminal weather manipulation we could eventually see a winter in BC that would appear to be an analogue of one of our conventional summers–even droughts like those that have occurred in parts of Africa or the Southern United States. 

For a primer on how all of this weather manipulation is being accomplished I’d recommend that the reader search for a related story: “US military deploys new heat weapon for crowd control.” Google it.This new crowd control weapon shoots volumes of heat which have been developed according to Nicola Tesla’s discovery that heat and electricity can be sent over great distances bycontrolling and directing radio waves. Combine Tesla’s discoveries with the age of computers and you have radio wave beam capability. For further study see: HAARP, which consists of massive facilities which direct wave energy into the ionosphere which are then directed by computers back to earth.

Many of the photos on this blog are images of this electromagnetic beam technology in action. It’s even possible for “them” to copy a photo or any other image and direct it into the sky as though the sky is a huge television screen, and the July 8 photo is exactly that.  See Project Blue Beam in which it is suggested that at some awful day of propaganda and deception in the future this technology might be used to falsely claim that certain prophesies are coming to pass.


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