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September 27, 2012

On Global Warming Horatio K says: “It’s more than a theory.”

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The Global Warming scam is all over television of course. Of global warming Horatio K, played by deadly-serious David Caruso says: “It’s more than a theory.”

Of course Horatio’s two second blurb is taken completely out of context so he  might have been talking about some entirely different issue, like who tried to mutilate and burn the body of his latest murder victim, for instance.

Inadvertently Horatio’s right about “global warming,” which like the H1N1 “Pandemic” is not only more than a theory, it’s also a huge hoax, not to mention one of history’s most obvious scams and money makers, right up there with statins for cholesterol maintenance. (The body produces its own cholesterol; if you eat too many dead animals your own body will stop producing it, thereby automatically regulating your level of cholesterol. If you eat too many pigs, chickens and little baby calves, you’ll become obese and that will be your problem–not too much cholesterol).

Did I explain that okay? If not, mybad–the cholesterol, “good cholesterol-bad cholesterol” hoax is just so stupid I can barely write a serious sentence about it.


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