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November 30, 2012

Dr. Alan Sabrosky

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Copied from a biography page of Dr. Alan Sabrosky by Truman Green:

“Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December l988, he received the superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the US Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research.”

Read what Dr. Sabrosky believes about 911.

Recommended reading: Former US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, speaks about earthquake weapons.



Congratulations Palestine for your new status at the UN.

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Here’s one for you, Yasser.

The vote for increased status for the Palestinians at the UN was as follows. 9 countries voted against non-member observer status for the Palestinians. 138 countries voted in favour, and 41 countries abstained from voting.

All of the major nations of the world voted in favour of increased status for the Palestinians except Canada and the United States, and, of course, Israel.

The nations that voted with Canada, the US and Israel are Panama, the Czech Republic, Nauru, (Nauru? I’ve never heard of it), the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.(where’s that?)

Our own Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, flew in to vote with the US and Israel, and made an impassioned speech assuring Israel that Canada is its “best friend in the world.”

The Palestinians will now be able to join all of the United Nations agencies, and will be closer to being able to argue their case that
Israel has committed war crimes against them at the International Criminal Court.

Bizarrly, the United States has tried to pressure the Palestinians into agreeing that they will never formally charge Israel with such crimes, but the Palestinians have refused to offer this assurance.

I’m hoping that Canada will soon change its “Israel good – Palestinians bad” attitude towards the conflict.

The Canadians (not the people, but rather our politicians) seem to be terrified of incurring the Wrath of Israel.

The Israelis claim that increasing the status of the Palestinians will mean absolutely “nothing on the ground,” while the Palestinians believe that their new status ushers in a new day for world recognition of their claims that they have been crushed and bullied for years by what is in fact, the fourth most powerful military state on earth, which is, of course Israel.

Which begs the question: Why would a tiny country (about three quarters of the population of Mexico City) of six million people have the fourth most powerful military in the world? A good case can be made that Israel, because of its ability to have the United States armed forces do its fighting, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now possibly Iran, is in fact, the most powerful military force on earth.

Israel defeated its enemies in both Iraq and Afghanistan without losing a single soldier which makes this unprecdented, brilliant adventure the greatest victory in the history of human warfare–and if it can get its proxy American government to attack Iran it will repeat its astounding virtuosity in absentee war-making.

It’s not only getting the US to do its industrial strength type warfare, but happily pocketing the yearly stipend of 3 billion in cash and heaven knows how much more in weapons–a stipend that makes it the world’s number one recipient of foreign aid.

All of which begs the question: How does such a tiny country manage to afford to have the world’s fourth most powerful military force?
You’d think this little state would have gone bankrupt years ago by trying to support its gargantuan military, complete with nuclear weapons–even with the bizarre yearly gifts from its AIPAC-cowered American backers.

Here’s some comparative population figures for the four greatest military powers: United States, 300 million, Russia, 150 million, China 1200 million, Israel 6.7 million.

As a military force, the Palestinian territories are roughly on par with a fairly well-armed Los Angeles street gang.

Instead of agreeing with the 138 nations which wish to see the status of the Palestinians upgraded, our Mr. Baird has threatened to withdraw Canada’s financial aid to the Palestinians for somehow maneuvering the UN into a position that would be favourable to their own cause.

What’s with you, Mr. Baird? Do you not think that the Palestinians have a right to live in Palestine, and if they do, do you not feel like its about time this right was recognized by the United Nations?

Even the United States has not been this blatant– only promising to retaliate against the Palestinians if they use their new status as a weapon against Israel.

So perhaps John Baird is correct; maybe he is Israel’s best friend in the world. But is he a friend of impartiality, decency and common sense?

While every empathetic person on earth will hope that both Israeli children and Palestinian children inherit a future free from the terror of being blown up by rockets from the Palestinian areas, or by any of the sophisticated weapons of the Israeli Defense Forces, John Baird’s choice of Israel as the good guy in the conflict makes no sense.

Nation’s almost always act in their own interest, and this kind of fawning by Baird is usually reserved for foreign policy that is based on economic considerations such as foreign trade. I can’t recall Israel having become a major trading partner with Canada.

November 28, 2012

GOT MILK? If you have you’ve probably also got Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis

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If you’ve been fatally distracted by reports of Lindsey Lohan, Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian, you probably haven’t figured out yet that Crohn’s disease is almost certainly caused by the bacterium, Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis, which, it has been found, can survive the milk pasteurization process and find itself in the warmth and comfort of the human intestinal tract–and especially inside of those stupid enough to drink weekly gallons of this massively overrated “food.” Funny how Crohn’s only shows up in the milk-drinking countries, primarily Canada, the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Even India, where you might expect bacteria to bask in the often less-than-meticulous environs, has little or no Crohn’s. Could be because they don’t rely on pasteurization there, but actually boil the stuff before drinking it.

My theory is that there’s actually no such thing as an autoimmune disease (supposedly Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis) –that all of these illnesses are caused by known or unknown bacteria. Remember, there are ten times as many bacterial cells in the human body as there are body cells. About ten trillion for somatic cells and one hundred trillion for bacterial cells. And we get most of those trillions of bacteria very early in life as anyone with a nose knows. The medical industry has most of convinced that so-called “auto-immune disease such as (supposedly) Crohn’s results when the body’s immune system attacks normal somatic cells.

All of which I doubt, except perhaps for short periods of time. But for chronic autoimmune pathology–I doubt that it exists. If the immune system is “smart” enough to manufacture antibodies for antigens that it has never before “experienced,” why is it suddenly so stupid as to attack the body which it has so heavily invested in protected. In fact, although I can’t convince the brainwashed, it seems obvious to me that the existence of the human immune system proves that the theory of evolution by natural selection is just another pile of bull. The immune system has been weirdly brought into existence in a way that suggests that it “understands” pathology, which is highly suggestive of some kind of intelligent design as the operating machinery of evolution.

Cow’s milk may be good food for baby cattle but for human adults it’s totally ridiculous. Why are we drinking this stuff when it’s far too rich in proteins for human beings? Adults don’t require human milk so why drink cow’s milk? Duh! Too much protein isn’t good for the kidneys. Remember?

Click here.

While you’re following up on this story I’d strongly recommend you search the link between diabetes and cow’s milk and study to find out how much pus you’re drinking with your milk. Remember pus? That’s the sticky white blood cell product that bacterially infected mammals produce–and cows raised as they are in cattle warehouses are more than likely to have many different infections.
Which, is why, of course, they are treated to their daily (well maybe not daily) injections of antibiotics.

I’m getting carried away here, as usual, but you might also think about why there are so many antibiotic- resistant bacteria around. Couldn’t be over-prescribing for cattle and humans could it? Just saying…

Of course, the medical industry will tell you that, while there is undoubtedly a causative relationship between bacteria and Crohns and Colitis, the actual cause is more likely to be the inflammation that is caused by the immune system during its efforts to rid the body of causative pathogens. There’s much more money in treating idiopathic “inflammatory” illnesses than in developing new antibiotics for bacteria. I love that word, “idiopathic.”

You’ll never find this story in the American or Canadian press as all of our newspapers are owned by the same cabal that would tend to lose billions if the cause of this and many other diseases were to be advertised indiscriminately. So don’t go looking in the Tyee,ca, The Vancouver Observer, the Vancouver Province or the Vancouver Sun for the Crohn’s–Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis story.

Search any of the key words and learn about it yourself. Don’t take my word for it. See also: “Johne’s Disease in Cattle.”

I bet you’ve never heard of Helicobacter Pylori. Congratulations if you have as you’ve probably gotten a whiff by now regarding how deceptive the medical industry along with their pals in the controlled “media” can be. This little fellow, Helicobacter, was proven to be the cause of 70 to 90% of all human peptic ulcers by a couple of determined Australian scientists, Robin Warren and Barry Marshall. These two were mocked for years by the “medical” industry because their attempts to culture the bacteria initially failed. The case for bacterial causation was finally proved in 1985 when Barry Marshal infected himself with H. Pylori and turned up with the prerequisite case of stomach ulceration.

Warren and Marshall finally satistied all of the Kochian principles of microbe disease causation and these two determined gentlemen were finally awarded the Nobel Prize, along with the tiniest amount of publicity than has ever accompanied the awarding of that once-venerable prize.

Before it was proven to be untrue, medical dogma denied that bacteria could live in the acidic environment of the stomach, and when these guys initially presented reams of circumstantial evidence of a causative link they were basically laughed out of town.

I was very interested in this discovery, as I had a duodenal ulcer for about 20 years until it happily disappeared on its own about 20 years ago. My doctor had me drinking tons of milk mixed with raw eggs as a treatment, all to no avail. I guess my immune system was determined not to succumb to either Salmonella from the raw eggs or Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis from the milk. Fortunately I became lactose intolerant about then and couldn’t go within twenty feet of any milk product without well… you know.

I remember well the day I read a tiny blurb about the discovery of the true bacterial cause of peptic ulcers in the Vancouver Sun. The entire article was no larger than one and a half inches square. I cut it out of the Sun and saved it for many years but it’s finally lost. The disenchantment I felt when the Sun downplayed this huge discovery was undoubtedly what started me wondering who controlled the Western Media.

The massive reporting of the fake H1N1 pandemic in MM in 2009 finally supplied the nail in the coffin for any doubt which lingered that the days of objective, independent reporting of medical issues had come and gone for our big newspapers.

Eisenhower famously warned about the Military Industrial Complex. I’d upgrade that warning to the Military Industrial Medical Complex.

Article and illustration by Truman Green

November 26, 2012

My mint Caddie gets 12 miles to a gallon.

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My mint Caddie’s great for sitting in and listening to tapes. Too bad I
can’t afford to drive it. Was the technology for a 100 miles per gallon quashed?

I’m thinking of suing General Motors (technological malfeasance) for the money I’ve spent on premium gasoline for my beautiful Caddie. (They hold several patents for gasoline vapour technology but they never seem to develop it) It’s a no-brainer that gasoline is about ten times more efficient if it is completely vapourized before it enters the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines.

American back-yard mechanic, Tom Ogle and Canadian engineer, Charles Nelson Pogue both proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt but somehow their inventions never got off the ground. Shell Oil offered Ogle twenty-five million dollars for his invention by which a huge Ford which was almost as massive as my Cadillac got the equivalent of 200 miles per gallon. Too bad young Ogle wasn’t sophisticated enough to know that when somebody offers you 25 million dollars for your back-yard invention you better watch your back if you turn it down. Ogle refused the cash, believing that if he sold his invention it would just get buried by the big oil companies. (I wonder what ever gave him that paranoid idea).

Search: Tom Ogle invents fuel efficient car then dies in strange death, or something like that, then read all about the work of our own Charles Nelson Pogue.

You’ve probably never heard about this but….

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Okay, so it doesn’t look exactly like Montagnier

Luc Montagnier, the man who discovered so-called “hiv,” the virus that supposedly causes Aids, won the Nobel Prize for this discovery a couple of years ago. Note: Barry Soetoro won the Nobel Peace Prize the same year for doing absolutely nothing. Conclusion: Winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, eh.

Now Montagnier claims that “hiv” is almost benign to anyone with a half-decent immune system.

These new revelations by Montagnier will never be read in the Mainstream Media such as, The Vancouver Observer, The Vancouver Province or the Vancouver Sun because all of these outlets are owned or controlled by the same cult which invented and continues to perpetrate all of the major scientific, political and economic hoaxes. (Think Federal Reserve Bank and the H1N1 “Pandemic”)

Here’s some of Montagnier’s own words recorded in the film House of Numbers.

“We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected.”

“Our immune system will get rid of HIV within a few weeks if you have a good immune system.”

Pointed question by filmmaker Brent Leung to Montagnier:

Leung: “If you have a good immune system then your body can naturally get rid of HIV?”

Montagnier: “Yes.” “People always think of drugs and vaccines. This is different than you heard from Fauci.”

To find this startling information merely google something like: “Montagnier claims HIV is almost harmless” or “Montagnier claims HIV harmless in new film House of Numbers.

So what’s going on here? Is everyone lying. Answer: Almost. Are we to believe all of those people who died horrible deaths back in the 80s and 90’s from AIDS were stricken by an almost harmless virus?

Did Vanouver’s own Dr. Peter, who was in perfect physical condition before being stricken by Aids, along with thousands of other male homosexuals, intravenous drug users and black men (the three major targeted groups) die because his immune system couldn’t handle what Montagnier now claims is an almost harmless virus?

I suggest my readers search out the new Montagnier claims and try to integrate it with your conventional knowledge of hiv. I’ll explain the entire debacle to you after you’ve done this–hopefully in a very few days. Hint: Chimeric, recombinant DNA (well really RNA by way of reverse transcriptase)virus.

Conventional AIDISTS and AIDS industry wealth benefactors try to debunk Montagnier and those who have reported his latest words by claiming that he has been taken out of context. You be the judge.

I predicted many years ago that there will never be a real vaccine for HIV because the human immune system–bless its heart–will never manufacture protective antibodies for a virus which has been manufactured by recombinant DNA technology, particularly one which it doesn’t perceive as a serious threat.

Illustration by Truman Green

I always admired Yasser Arafat.

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Now with his body being exhumed we might find out if he was poisoned by the Israelis or not. The Mossad has a well-known policy of murdering Palestinian leaders and his sudden illness and death seemed just a bit too convenient. The clothes provided to investigators by Arafat’s wife contained polonium-210, the same radioactive substance used to kill Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko. Hopefully the Swiss and Russian pathologists who examine his remains for radioactive substances will provide the answer. Israel denies killing Arafat.

Pencil drawing of Yasser Arafat by Truman Green

November 22, 2012

Strangest thing I’ve ever seen or anyone has ever seen.

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This formation appeared above my place and lasted for no longer than five minutes during the summer of 2011. I didn’t see it assembling but watched it dissasembling. There seems to be a famous two-word insult or threat embodied in it. Can you figure it out?

It appeared in the sky above my place two days after I predicted in this blog that the chemtrailers would soon be projecting letters into the sky and the people would deny seeing them.

I’ve sent this photograph to publishers, politicians, media outlets etc. Not a single person has ever acknowledged seeing it. Even my good friend who I’ve known for forty-five years refused to look at it when I tried to show it to her in hard-copy form.

I’ll see if I can find out what Shakespeare said about this kind of cowardice and report back. If I recall it seems that he said: Something “doth make cowards of us all.” But I can’t remember what that “something” was.

Update: According to Google it was conscience that “doth make cowards of us all.”

Well we’re not all cowards but my estimate is that concerning the geoengineering that is now occurring in the skies above all the developed nations of the world “all” is almost entirely appropriate.

Coming soon to this blog: Hemagglutinin and Neuraminadase, are they really guilty?

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These surface glycoproteins have been found guilty by the flu vaccine industry of being the only important immmunogenic antigens. But are they just scapegoats with which to judge the production of viral antibodies?

November 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

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If you click on “about” to the right you’ll find some rather high falutin words about evolutionary theory, but this blog is mainly about fake science and the corruption of science. Specifically it’s about global warming, the fake H1N1 “pandemic,” the nonsense about human papilloma virus being the cause of cervical cancer when 80% of all sexually active women have contracted the hpv virus and only a tiny percentage of these ever contract cervical cancer. (See how stupid the science can get!) It’s about chimeric, recombinant viruses like all of the hepatitis viruses except hepatitis A and that famous chimeric immune virus that was invented in a lab using recombinant dna manipulation-specifically incorporating the pathogenic sequencing of sheep visna virus.

When Hepatitis C first made its debut doctors and science writers were claiming that the latency period could be as long as five years, then they went to ten, fifteen and twenty years. Now they claim it’s thirty years and possibly never. The truth is that Hep C is almost completely benign and the apparent damage that it does is, in fact, falsely attributed to Hep C when its really caused by the epiphenomenal hazards of poor health and especially the abuse of alcohol and chronic alcoholism. When a hep c paitient dies the death will be automatically attributed to hep c and the epiphenomenal hazards will be ignored.

And on it goes. The scientific bufoonery is almost endless in the modern age.

There are no fossil fuels. Oil is abiotically-derived. There’s oceans of the stuff floating just above the earth’s mantle just as there are lakes of it on the surface of Saturn’s huge moon, Titan.
And the oil was there millions, if not billions of years before there were any dead animals or plants decaying into fuel hydrocarbons or so-called “fossil fuels.” The fossil fuel hoax was invented and is maintained in order to convince us that we could run out of the stuff at any time, when there’s at least a thousand years supply below the level of conventionl wells. The Russians have been quietly taking advantage of the abiotic oil paradigm for fifty years, but the controlled western Mainstream Media never mentions it.

See my article, The Origin of Oil, by clicking “older posts” until you come to it.

What caused the corruption of science? Science has been bought and paid for along with thousands of its practioners by huge global companies. Capitalism, although degenerate in its worst incarnations, is good when it is controlled by government; but when the banking and pharmaceutical industries can make such masssive profits merely by using their pre-owned and controlled media outlets, the lure of making hundreds of billions of dollars is just too much for them to resist.

Thus: The fake H1N1 “pandemic,” “global warming, “fossil fuels,” the creation of the weather using electromagnetic wave technoloby and flu vaccines.

As a primer for reading my blog I’d recommend you read this article from David Beers’ supposedly “progressive” website,

This is probably the all-time most blatant example of disinformation journalism. It’s entitled, “911 Crazy Talk. Enough Conspiracy Theory Already. Published Sept. 20, 2006

Anyone with a working brain knows that 911 was some kind of inside job slash false-flag operation, conceived and produced by war mongers and New World Order conspirators. Anyone except Matthew Rothschild and his editor, that is, who pretend that all of those who see through the hoax are just “conspiracy theorists.”

Read the whole thing including the extensive comments section and you’ll get an idea what lengths fake “progressive” websites and fake progressive jounalists will go to deceive and disinform their readers.

Hopefully, I’ll survive my determination to expose the fakers and their scientific, medical and political hoaxes.

Many others have not.

Thought for today: There is no global warming.

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Don’t believe David Suzuki and Al Gore on “global warming.” Global Warming doesn’t exist except in the hallucinations of these under-educated marketeers. There is no such thing as global warming. It’s all just a massive marketing scheme.

And no, the polar bears are not disappearing. (And the oceans are not rising because of melting ice). Even if the ice was all melting, (which it isn’t) the polar bears wouldn’t be feeling the effects yet, as the fake temperature decrease is only slated to be 1 degree every one hundred years. If the global warming nonsense was true these bears, being in the same species as grizzles, would merely have to adapt by walking a few hundred miles south. And if they couldn’t adapt fast enough, well, 96% of all species that have existed on earth are now extinct. If humans can’t learn to decipher the scientific fakery from the real thing, we’ll probably be joining the rest of the extinct species in evolutionary oblivion some time soon.

Global warming is a huge comedy, folks. The truth is that much of North America and Europe is probably undergoing a slight cooling effect and has been for the last ten years.

So don’t waste your hard-earned dollars donating to corrupt environmental “foundations,” eh.

I repeat: There is no global warming. It’s about carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes.

The only serious greenhouse gas is water vapour. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and is entirely incapabale of absorbing enough rebounding infraread radiation to make any significant difference in the temperature of our atmosphere.

The mystery is: Why don’t more real scientists who know this fact speak up on the global warming hoax.

I hope that when the global warming hoax is finally outed for the fakery that it is, all those who have donated to the fake environmental “foundations” will demand a return of their donations, with accrued interest included.

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