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November 17, 2012

New Disinformation film: “Why in the world are they spraying.”

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This new film is available by merely googling the title: Why In The World Are They Spraying.

But be careful.

This film is made as a redirect disinformation package from the same people who are controlling the chemtrail program. Much of the information is correct (as is the case with all propaganda) but when the speakers include the global warming hoax the intent is to convince viewers, who are sadly brainwashed into believing the global warming nonsense, that there might be a rational and benificent motive behind the geoengineering. This is how disinforation works in the modern age. What better way to control and infiltrate the opposition than by pretending to be the opposition? This disgusting spying technique is all over the internet and other media, from programs such as Jesse Ventura’s fake expose of secret conspiracies, to the fake anti-semitic, anti-zionist rants of John Kaminski, to fear-mongering films such as “Zeitgeist” to Alex Jones’ranting and raving, to “progressive” online websites such as to the “progressive” online journals such as Salon and Matthew Rothschild’s “Progressive” magazine, to the fake exposes of Leonard Horowitz and Peter Duesberg, to corrupt and fake environmental “foundations” such as the David Suzuki Foundation, which hasn’t yet even mentioned that there is any geoengineering going on, and which leads the ridiculous fake scientific war on “climate change” and so-called “global warming” which doesn’t really exist, except by the work of the weather manipulators.

Chemtrails are about controlling and owning the weather, and the world’s supply of precipitation.

Note: How to recognize a controlled opposition propaganda film.

Answer: They all have expensive, dramatic musical soundtracks. eg. Jesse Venture’s conspiracy fakery and the film Zeitgeist.


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