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November 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

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If you click on “about” to the right you’ll find some rather high falutin words about evolutionary theory, but this blog is mainly about fake science and the corruption of science. Specifically it’s about global warming, the fake H1N1 “pandemic,” the nonsense about human papilloma virus being the cause of cervical cancer when 80% of all sexually active women have contracted the hpv virus and only a tiny percentage of these ever contract cervical cancer. (See how stupid the science can get!) It’s about chimeric, recombinant viruses like all of the hepatitis viruses except hepatitis A and that famous chimeric immune virus that was invented in a lab using recombinant dna manipulation-specifically incorporating the pathogenic sequencing of sheep visna virus.

When Hepatitis C first made its debut doctors and science writers were claiming that the latency period could be as long as five years, then they went to ten, fifteen and twenty years. Now they claim it’s thirty years and possibly never. The truth is that Hep C is almost completely benign and the apparent damage that it does is, in fact, falsely attributed to Hep C when its really caused by the epiphenomenal hazards of poor health and especially the abuse of alcohol and chronic alcoholism. When a hep c paitient dies the death will be automatically attributed to hep c and the epiphenomenal hazards will be ignored.

And on it goes. The scientific bufoonery is almost endless in the modern age.

There are no fossil fuels. Oil is abiotically-derived. There’s oceans of the stuff floating just above the earth’s mantle just as there are lakes of it on the surface of Saturn’s huge moon, Titan.
And the oil was there millions, if not billions of years before there were any dead animals or plants decaying into fuel hydrocarbons or so-called “fossil fuels.” The fossil fuel hoax was invented and is maintained in order to convince us that we could run out of the stuff at any time, when there’s at least a thousand years supply below the level of conventionl wells. The Russians have been quietly taking advantage of the abiotic oil paradigm for fifty years, but the controlled western Mainstream Media never mentions it.

See my article, The Origin of Oil, by clicking “older posts” until you come to it.

What caused the corruption of science? Science has been bought and paid for along with thousands of its practioners by huge global companies. Capitalism, although degenerate in its worst incarnations, is good when it is controlled by government; but when the banking and pharmaceutical industries can make such masssive profits merely by using their pre-owned and controlled media outlets, the lure of making hundreds of billions of dollars is just too much for them to resist.

Thus: The fake H1N1 “pandemic,” “global warming, “fossil fuels,” the creation of the weather using electromagnetic wave technoloby and flu vaccines.

As a primer for reading my blog I’d recommend you read this article from David Beers’ supposedly “progressive” website,

This is probably the all-time most blatant example of disinformation journalism. It’s entitled, “911 Crazy Talk. Enough Conspiracy Theory Already. Published Sept. 20, 2006

Anyone with a working brain knows that 911 was some kind of inside job slash false-flag operation, conceived and produced by war mongers and New World Order conspirators. Anyone except Matthew Rothschild and his editor, that is, who pretend that all of those who see through the hoax are just “conspiracy theorists.”

Read the whole thing including the extensive comments section and you’ll get an idea what lengths fake “progressive” websites and fake progressive jounalists will go to deceive and disinform their readers.

Hopefully, I’ll survive my determination to expose the fakers and their scientific, medical and political hoaxes.

Many others have not.


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