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November 26, 2012

My mint Caddie gets 12 miles to a gallon.

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My mint Caddie’s great for sitting in and listening to tapes. Too bad I
can’t afford to drive it. Was the technology for a 100 miles per gallon quashed?

I’m thinking of suing General Motors (technological malfeasance) for the money I’ve spent on premium gasoline for my beautiful Caddie. (They hold several patents for gasoline vapour technology but they never seem to develop it) It’s a no-brainer that gasoline is about ten times more efficient if it is completely vapourized before it enters the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines.

American back-yard mechanic, Tom Ogle and Canadian engineer, Charles Nelson Pogue both proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt but somehow their inventions never got off the ground. Shell Oil offered Ogle twenty-five million dollars for his invention by which a huge Ford which was almost as massive as my Cadillac got the equivalent of 200 miles per gallon. Too bad young Ogle wasn’t sophisticated enough to know that when somebody offers you 25 million dollars for your back-yard invention you better watch your back if you turn it down. Ogle refused the cash, believing that if he sold his invention it would just get buried by the big oil companies. (I wonder what ever gave him that paranoid idea).

Search: Tom Ogle invents fuel efficient car then dies in strange death, or something like that, then read all about the work of our own Charles Nelson Pogue.


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