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November 26, 2012

You’ve probably never heard about this but….

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Okay, so it doesn’t look exactly like Montagnier

Luc Montagnier, the man who discovered so-called “hiv,” the virus that supposedly causes Aids, won the Nobel Prize for this discovery a couple of years ago. Note: Barry Soetoro won the Nobel Peace Prize the same year for doing absolutely nothing. Conclusion: Winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, eh.

Now Montagnier claims that “hiv” is almost benign to anyone with a half-decent immune system.

These new revelations by Montagnier will never be read in the Mainstream Media such as, The Vancouver Observer, The Vancouver Province or the Vancouver Sun because all of these outlets are owned or controlled by the same cult which invented and continues to perpetrate all of the major scientific, political and economic hoaxes. (Think Federal Reserve Bank and the H1N1 “Pandemic”)

Here’s some of Montagnier’s own words recorded in the film House of Numbers.

“We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected.”

“Our immune system will get rid of HIV within a few weeks if you have a good immune system.”

Pointed question by filmmaker Brent Leung to Montagnier:

Leung: “If you have a good immune system then your body can naturally get rid of HIV?”

Montagnier: “Yes.” “People always think of drugs and vaccines. This is different than you heard from Fauci.”

To find this startling information merely google something like: “Montagnier claims HIV is almost harmless” or “Montagnier claims HIV harmless in new film House of Numbers.

So what’s going on here? Is everyone lying. Answer: Almost. Are we to believe all of those people who died horrible deaths back in the 80s and 90’s from AIDS were stricken by an almost harmless virus?

Did Vanouver’s own Dr. Peter, who was in perfect physical condition before being stricken by Aids, along with thousands of other male homosexuals, intravenous drug users and black men (the three major targeted groups) die because his immune system couldn’t handle what Montagnier now claims is an almost harmless virus?

I suggest my readers search out the new Montagnier claims and try to integrate it with your conventional knowledge of hiv. I’ll explain the entire debacle to you after you’ve done this–hopefully in a very few days. Hint: Chimeric, recombinant DNA (well really RNA by way of reverse transcriptase)virus.

Conventional AIDISTS and AIDS industry wealth benefactors try to debunk Montagnier and those who have reported his latest words by claiming that he has been taken out of context. You be the judge.

I predicted many years ago that there will never be a real vaccine for HIV because the human immune system–bless its heart–will never manufacture protective antibodies for a virus which has been manufactured by recombinant DNA technology, particularly one which it doesn’t perceive as a serious threat.

Illustration by Truman Green


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