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November 30, 2012

Congratulations Palestine for your new status at the UN.

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Here’s one for you, Yasser.

The vote for increased status for the Palestinians at the UN was as follows. 9 countries voted against non-member observer status for the Palestinians. 138 countries voted in favour, and 41 countries abstained from voting.

All of the major nations of the world voted in favour of increased status for the Palestinians except Canada and the United States, and, of course, Israel.

The nations that voted with Canada, the US and Israel are Panama, the Czech Republic, Nauru, (Nauru? I’ve never heard of it), the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.(where’s that?)

Our own Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, flew in to vote with the US and Israel, and made an impassioned speech assuring Israel that Canada is its “best friend in the world.”

The Palestinians will now be able to join all of the United Nations agencies, and will be closer to being able to argue their case that
Israel has committed war crimes against them at the International Criminal Court.

Bizarrly, the United States has tried to pressure the Palestinians into agreeing that they will never formally charge Israel with such crimes, but the Palestinians have refused to offer this assurance.

I’m hoping that Canada will soon change its “Israel good – Palestinians bad” attitude towards the conflict.

The Canadians (not the people, but rather our politicians) seem to be terrified of incurring the Wrath of Israel.

The Israelis claim that increasing the status of the Palestinians will mean absolutely “nothing on the ground,” while the Palestinians believe that their new status ushers in a new day for world recognition of their claims that they have been crushed and bullied for years by what is in fact, the fourth most powerful military state on earth, which is, of course Israel.

Which begs the question: Why would a tiny country (about three quarters of the population of Mexico City) of six million people have the fourth most powerful military in the world? A good case can be made that Israel, because of its ability to have the United States armed forces do its fighting, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now possibly Iran, is in fact, the most powerful military force on earth.

Israel defeated its enemies in both Iraq and Afghanistan without losing a single soldier which makes this unprecdented, brilliant adventure the greatest victory in the history of human warfare–and if it can get its proxy American government to attack Iran it will repeat its astounding virtuosity in absentee war-making.

It’s not only getting the US to do its industrial strength type warfare, but happily pocketing the yearly stipend of 3 billion in cash and heaven knows how much more in weapons–a stipend that makes it the world’s number one recipient of foreign aid.

All of which begs the question: How does such a tiny country manage to afford to have the world’s fourth most powerful military force?
You’d think this little state would have gone bankrupt years ago by trying to support its gargantuan military, complete with nuclear weapons–even with the bizarre yearly gifts from its AIPAC-cowered American backers.

Here’s some comparative population figures for the four greatest military powers: United States, 300 million, Russia, 150 million, China 1200 million, Israel 6.7 million.

As a military force, the Palestinian territories are roughly on par with a fairly well-armed Los Angeles street gang.

Instead of agreeing with the 138 nations which wish to see the status of the Palestinians upgraded, our Mr. Baird has threatened to withdraw Canada’s financial aid to the Palestinians for somehow maneuvering the UN into a position that would be favourable to their own cause.

What’s with you, Mr. Baird? Do you not think that the Palestinians have a right to live in Palestine, and if they do, do you not feel like its about time this right was recognized by the United Nations?

Even the United States has not been this blatant– only promising to retaliate against the Palestinians if they use their new status as a weapon against Israel.

So perhaps John Baird is correct; maybe he is Israel’s best friend in the world. But is he a friend of impartiality, decency and common sense?

While every empathetic person on earth will hope that both Israeli children and Palestinian children inherit a future free from the terror of being blown up by rockets from the Palestinian areas, or by any of the sophisticated weapons of the Israeli Defense Forces, John Baird’s choice of Israel as the good guy in the conflict makes no sense.

Nation’s almost always act in their own interest, and this kind of fawning by Baird is usually reserved for foreign policy that is based on economic considerations such as foreign trade. I can’t recall Israel having become a major trading partner with Canada.


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