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December 14, 2012

My Youtube chemtrail video.

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To watch a video of me taking the photo below click on this link: Chemtrail Over Newton BC Canada


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December 10, 2012

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December 4, 2012

Post in Progress — The Hemagglutinin, Neuraminadase Caper

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, Recommended Reading: Where’s Our Humanity for Gaza? by Sarah Roy, The Boston Globe.

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The Boston Globe, owned by the Sulzberger family, which also owns the New York Times,  is a Mainstream newspaper, yet it published Sarah Roy’s short article regarding conditions in Gaza, (125 square miles) which is roughly the size of Surrey BC Canada with three times the population.

Is this tiny article heralding a new day of objective non-Israel-biased reporting in the controlled, monopolized media? One can only hope–and pray. Finding this article in such a newspaper actually made my eyes well up, although I am well aware that such monopolized and controlled newspapers sometimes–though rarely–publish the truth about the middle east in order to provide a false image of objectivity.

The “truth” is the stock in trade of disinformationalists who will employ it– sometimes predominantly- in order to promulgate the one big lie that they are most interested in disseminating.

Electronic voting machines — The biggest threat to democracy.

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One of the most disappointing and frightening (no exaggeration) moments of my life occurred during the last municipal election in Surrey BC Canada. The polling station was set up in the high school that I attended for one year in 1959, then named Princess Margaret Senior Secondary, but now something about Panorama…(Can’t remember). Although there was never a referendum on electronic voting machines or even public discussion, there they were waiting for us dummies to use to cast our ballots.

These machines are not only immediately and simply hackable but once you’ve pressed the button to record your vote there’s no paper trail with which to compare the results of an election with the votes cast.

Imagine! Bankers can transfer billions of dollars across the world in an instant merely by pressing a few keys on a keyboard. (Barry Soetero’s initial 180 billion dollar payoff to the banking thieves who almost destroyed the world economy, for instance–remember, banks to0 big to fail and all.)

An electronically-recorded vote can be altered with the same ease using only amateurish hacking capability.

Voting machines must be banned. For a primer go here.

American 911 activist writer Christopher Bollyn on voting machines:

“Electronic voting machines were invented for one reason – to steal elections. Elections using paper ballots that are openly counted by hand in each polling station cannot be stolen. It’s that simple.”

Search: Christopher Bollyn, Journaliste Sans Frontieres

I hope that Canadians will demand to know why so many voting machines have been installed all across the country, and demand to see proof that they are such a cost-efficient automation that municipal governing bodies just couldn’t resist them.

Go here for proof of electronic voting machine manipulation.

Cue the clouds

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100_0895Picture 085Picture 041Picture 046Picture 036Picture 036I was in the parking lot of the Canadian Tire Store in Whalley, Surrey BC Canada when these weird things suddenly appeared overhead. Luckily, I had my camera–well not so luckily perhaps as I rarely go anywhere without it–and while snapping photos I tried to get the attention of at least five people around me and get them to look at the sky. Unbelievably noone would look up. It was as if they had received some kind of radiowave direction to ignore the sky and had predetermined that I was just another example of why we should revisit the Canadian policy of emptying the mental institutions of patients.

You had to be there to know how fantastic these “clouds” appeared to be. Unless you’d been zombiiPicture 004zed of course, like my fellow hardware shoppers.

I watched The Truman Show again on television today and had to chuckle when Ed Harris says: “Cue the Sun” and again when Jim Carrey reaches out his hand to discover that the blue sky over his head is nothing but a fabric back drop.

And when Ed Harris calls for the storm to capsize Truman’s escape boat the joke that the Hollywood insiders were playing on the audience was: “even this is just a mirror of reality.” So the joke was never on Truman only; it was, and continues to be, on all of the sheeple who haven’t yet figured out that the weather has been completely manufactured and controlled for many years.

December 2, 2012

You don’t know anything about American history until you read, listen to or watch the Kay Griggs interviews.

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Picture 204

Kay Griggs is the former wife of an American intelligence officer.  She decided to tell what she knows about American foreign policy, the culture of military indoctrination and the events leading up to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her personal problem was that she knew too much and feared being killed at any moment–especially after her husband left her.

Perhaps more than most who have seen the interviews, I can understand the rare instance of melancholy that arises when she relates that she’s resigned to the fact that she will probably be murdered,  having twice myself (2006, 2010) been the intended victim of people who were sent to kill me–once by shooting me in the chest and once by attempting to push my small car into fast-moving traffic. It doesn’t seem possible that such people will fail three times There’s no experience quite like that of looking into the eyes, from a distance of no more than five feet, of a man who’s  job is to kill you, and render your life and body into a rotting mound of fodder for bacteria and other opportunistic parasites.

Why I survived these killers is as much of a mystery to me as how I managed to be in the right place at the right time to take so many photos of the electromagnetic manipulation and manufacture of clouds which I have posted on this blog.

Whether to feel joy and exuberance at having survived, or anxiety and fear of another attempt, seems to be only an intellectual decision, and perhaps a unique inspiration for the ultimate experience of happiness and appreciation of being alive.

Both attempts to kill me are mysterious; the car incident because, while it was happening and I was sure the thugs were going to shoot me, having failed to push my car into traffic, I felt no fear, but rather only smiled at them as if to say: Go ahead. I’ll never know if they changed their minds, or feared being apprehended as I had managed to drive my car into a bus loading zone in order to evade them.

Regarding the projectile that was fired into my chest near or inside of the coffee shop at 80th Avenue and King George Blvd in Surrey, I’m fairly certain that I have not been physiologically affected after two years. The only indication that anything had happened was the sudden, quite acute pain in my chest which I immediately thought resulted from some kind of serious spider or mosquito bite, with the caveat that this pain was far more acute than I would think an insect bite would be.  I don’t know if the projectile was fired from inside of the cafe, or if it had been fired at me as I walked up the highway, (or the parking lot of the cafe) and the pain was only felt a few minutes later.

When I examined my chest area there was a perfectly round, bright red circle of about one eighth inch in diameter. Over the next few days this circle gradually dissipated into two concentric circles with the inner circle growing larger until the redness had completely disappeared. Today, a year and a half later, there’s absolutely no visual appearance of the red circle, and no other physical indication that I had ever received this weird injury.

I showed the red circle two one person who was also completely mistified, and spoke of something, perhaps a mosquito, having bitten me to the person with whom I was sitting having a coffee at the coffee shop. Until I learned about the “heart-attack weapon” as explained here I had thought that someone had shot me with some kind of air rifle from a moving car as I was walking up the King George Highway.

It was only about six months ago that I became aware of the existence of weapons that fire projectiles and leave red spots which disappear within a few days.

For Kay Griggs’ interview go here: Kay Griggs Seminal Youtube Video. After you’ve heard most of the tapes you’ll have to decide if it’s possible that anyone could weave such a detailed and complex tale without telling the truth as she knows it. She’s the only person about whom I have absolute confidence that she’s not some kind of mole or disinformation operative. She seems to fear nothing.

Some of her bravery can be attributed to the fact that her coming out as an intelligence officer’s wife is part of an understandable strategy to protect herself from being murdered by agents of those who would prefer that she keeps her mouth shut. The theory is that if she’s killed to keep her quiet people will believe that what she has divulged must be true.

You can quickly tell that she doesn’t have serious confidence in this strategy. In one particularly upsetting moment during an interview, she’s visibly shaken when she relates that she knows she will very likely be killed for telling what she knows about the rot in American society.

She attributes most of her strength to her spiritual assurance and confidence in Jesus Christ. My suspicion, though, is  that there’s simply a continuum from good to evil in the world, and she’s very close to the pinnacle of decency and honesty.

Far beyond sad, and morally and emotionally sickening  is the fact that Kay Griggs probably didn’t understand that her interviewers were operatives for the same cabal of psychopaths that she bravely and singularly tried to expose.

There’s probably not a genuine media activist in the world with the guts to have interviewed her; only disinformation agents who are in no danger of being murdered would have touched her story with a ten foot pole.

There’s a slim chance that she knew this, and also exactly who her interviewers were and who they represented.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a word about her anywhere in any media or on the internet since her last interview in 2005, so there’s a good chance that she’s no longer alive, and has been killed.

Like Boyd Graves, who exposed the true origin of Aids as a recombinant dna particle, and who died mysteriously in 2009, she’s one of America’s only true heros; and yet very few have ever heard of either of them.

I’ll always wonder if either Graves or Griggs understood that unless so-called Mainstream Media picks up a story about assassinations or corruption,  they might as well have never happened, as the judicial systems and media of Europe and North America, being controlled by the same cabal, will never be triggered by internet interviews, regardless how compelling and obviously true they are.

In that regard, it’s instructive that noone has ever come forward to challenge any of the accusations that Kay Griggs has made against the American intelligence and military communities.

The only American whistleblower who is close to par with Griggs and Graves is Ted Gunderson, former chief of the Los Angeles FBI department. Jewish, Israeli patriot, Mordechai Vanunu, as a whistleblower, is probably the equal of these three regarding a willingness to risk his security, careeer and life to tell the world the truth.

Of all the startling disclosures made by Griggs her analysis of the Vietnam War as nothing more than an excuse to sell brand new weapons to the military, and other profit-making opportunities that are customarily afforded to those elitists who are in position to have their coffers filled,  most closely mirrors my own conclusions which I  tried to express to a pack of engineering students who had gathered to disrupt a war protest in front of the UBC library in 1967.

This was undoubtedly my first lesson in brainwashing as these students were supposed to be the best and brightest, and yet they somehow bought the Mainstream Media’s propaganda that the war was about protecting western democracy from communism.

When our Prime Minister of the day, Lester Pearson, made a speech in Washington in which he strongly criticised the war and denounced the supposed reasons for it, his host of the evening, Lyndon Johnson, attacked him physically in the white house, lifting him off of the floor, and claiming that Pearson had “pissed on his carpet.”

Truman Green, Dec 7, 2012

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