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December 4, 2012

Cue the clouds

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100_0895Picture 085Picture 041Picture 046Picture 036Picture 036I was in the parking lot of the Canadian Tire Store in Whalley, Surrey BC Canada when these weird things suddenly appeared overhead. Luckily, I had my camera–well not so luckily perhaps as I rarely go anywhere without it–and while snapping photos I tried to get the attention of at least five people around me and get them to look at the sky. Unbelievably noone would look up. It was as if they had received some kind of radiowave direction to ignore the sky and had predetermined that I was just another example of why we should revisit the Canadian policy of emptying the mental institutions of patients.

You had to be there to know how fantastic these “clouds” appeared to be. Unless you’d been zombiiPicture 004zed of course, like my fellow hardware shoppers.

I watched The Truman Show again on television today and had to chuckle when Ed Harris says: “Cue the Sun” and again when Jim Carrey reaches out his hand to discover that the blue sky over his head is nothing but a fabric back drop.

And when Ed Harris calls for the storm to capsize Truman’s escape boat the joke that the Hollywood insiders were playing on the audience was: “even this is just a mirror of reality.” So the joke was never on Truman only; it was, and continues to be, on all of the sheeple who haven’t yet figured out that the weather has been completely manufactured and controlled for many years.


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