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December 4, 2012

Electronic voting machines — The biggest threat to democracy.

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One of the most disappointing and frightening (no exaggeration) moments of my life occurred during the last municipal election in Surrey BC Canada. The polling station was set up in the high school that I attended for one year in 1959, then named Princess Margaret Senior Secondary, but now something about Panorama…(Can’t remember). Although there was never a referendum on electronic voting machines or even public discussion, there they were waiting for us dummies to use to cast our ballots.

These machines are not only immediately and simply hackable but once you’ve pressed the button to record your vote there’s no paper trail with which to compare the results of an election with the votes cast.

Imagine! Bankers can transfer billions of dollars across the world in an instant merely by pressing a few keys on a keyboard. (Barry Soetero’s initial 180 billion dollar payoff to the banking thieves who almost destroyed the world economy, for instance–remember, banks to0 big to fail and all.)

An electronically-recorded vote can be altered with the same ease using only amateurish hacking capability.

Voting machines must be banned. For a primer go here.

American 911 activist writer Christopher Bollyn on voting machines:

“Electronic voting machines were invented for one reason – to steal elections. Elections using paper ballots that are openly counted by hand in each polling station cannot be stolen. It’s that simple.”

Search: Christopher Bollyn, Journaliste Sans Frontieres

I hope that Canadians will demand to know why so many voting machines have been installed all across the country, and demand to see proof that they are such a cost-efficient automation that municipal governing bodies just couldn’t resist them.

Go here for proof of electronic voting machine manipulation.


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