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January 5, 2013

Thank God for my little Kodak digital camera.

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I’m not sure I would have believed my own eyes as this very weird thing flew (that’s right–flew) low, then high, in the sky, first horizontally, then vertically, seeming to be some kind of biological entity examining the topography. The straight chemtrail accompanying it was left by a plane.

For many months I assumed that the chemtrail originated in conjunction with this form, but now I think it was trying to somehow confront, challenge or create an atmosphere in which the form could not persist. But, not having a clue what this form really is, this is just my current best answer, which will undoubtedly change in a few days to another temporary hypothesis.

Forget your sophomoric notions of logical empiricism. They’re meaningless when trying to categorize this creature. Hologram? Could be, but thank god my Kodak doesn’t do hallucinatiions, as that would have been my best guess.

I know it’s weird folks, but you really had to be there to know exactly how weird it was. “Weird” really doesn’t cut it. We need another word to describe these things.  Everything that happened to Truman (Jim Carrey) in the Truman Show was entirely commonplace and mundane compared to watching this massive self-propelled cloud-like critter moving over the sky in Surrey BC. It had to be number of miles long.

Cue the cognitive dissonance, as the natives  are not willing to admit that they’ve even looked at these photos, (let alone comment on them) and go scurrying like shivering bunnies whenever I pull out a hard copy. Notice there are no comments in my comments sections, even though tons of people have looked at these photos. One fellow at the coffee shop I used to hang out at even warned me never to approach him again with these photos and called me a “fucking idiot” for showing them.

Another well-known Vancouver artist chastised me for what he called “fear mongering.”

Since I’ve been posting photos of chemtrails and these “things” of unknown origin, I’ ve lost two of my very best friends–both people who I believed would support me through thick and thin.

Hate to think how people will react if some malevolent new world order decides to exchange the ionized aluminum and barium in current chemtrails with poisonous gas as a means of culling the population. Oh wait; I already know how they’ll react. They’ll just deny it and lay down and die.

I hereby name this apparent biological entity Brachiosaurusvulpesmillapedechemtrailias.

I can just imagine trying to explain what I’d seen in the sky if I didn’t have over 200 photos of these bizarre formations.

See a youtube video of me taking these photos here.



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