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February 8, 2013

Strange photos of something in the sky.

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Go here to see a youtube video of me taking the following photos.

I’d love to write an account of the day (August 1, 2011) I took the following photos, but it was so fantastic, and entirely unbelievable that noone is going to believe it, so I’m resisting the impulse towards clarity. 

Okay, maybe I’ll write about it anyway. It all started when I was sitting at my computer and something told me to grab my camera and head up to the cafe at 80th and King George Boulevard in Surrey BC.  Here’s what the “something” said: “Go up there and you’ll see something that will never appear again.”

Notice all the “somethings?”

That’s right–“something.” Not a voice, but rather a kind of adamant advisory impulse–reminiscent, perhaps, of the well-known burning bush variety, but sans the special people chauvinism.

The only thing I can think of that’s well within the scope of the standard model of physics is that I had received a psychotronic message via implanted stimoceiver perhaps–although I doubt this explanation because I had not noticed being a targeted individual (T.I.) before  that day.

Clandestine low frequency directions from some psychopathic rogue experimenters, maybe, but the images that appeared in the sky seemed and still seem beyond the capability of terrestrial gang stalkers. And, as I have mentioned at least once before on this blog, although my hundred dollar Kodak digital is undoubtedly a well built piece of equipment, nothing can convince me that it is capable of recording images of hallucinations.

Certainly the writers and publishers of every new edition of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder) are constantly on the lookout for new kinds of mental illnesses, but I’d suggest that messages of unknown origin which provide photographic evidence of their precognitive reliability can reasonably be exempted from inclusion in that venerable book of psychiatric nomenclature which is so necessary as the stock in trade of the psychiatric racket.  

And no, I’m not a scientologist, although I’m sure they can’t be wrong about absolutely everything.

This entire little preamble may seem like an extended metaphor on the accuracy of the adage that truth is stranger than fiction, or a commendably-written introduction to a short science fiction piece, but as you’ll see from viewing the photos, the only fiction that’s relevant is the message from  government agencies that there’s nothing new in the skies except the same old order of contrails left from jet engines when the exhaust condenses according to specific atmospheric conditions of  temperature and relative humidity.

Check out these phot0s and perhaps contribute another theory regarding why  governments continually pretend that chemtrails and other biological-appearing cloudlike phenomena exist only in the fertile imaginations of delusional conspiracy theorists.

Click on “older posts” at the bottom of each page to continue viewing the weird photos.

To be continued. Maybe.


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