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April 5, 2013

Our weather is totally controlled.

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A few days ago I noticed that someone googled: “Nutcase, Truman Green thinks the weather is controlled.”

To whoever did this search I’d recommend you take a good look at all the photos on this blog and when you’re finished google this site:

Weather You might also notice that BC Hydro and BC Ministry of Forests are both registered as clients of this weather modification company, which is located in Fargo, North Dakota. You might also be interested in the photos on their site as well as a list of all the weather modificstion services they provide.

Providing an ad hominem attack on me as as “nutcase” doesn’t alter the reality that anyone who has the time and energy to critically experience the local Lower Mainland weather will know that there’s something very strange is going on. The work done by
WeatherModification is only a tiny part
of the entire weather modification project that has been developed on a global scale and provided by huge transport planes spewing “chemtrails” above every developed nation.

The hoax is that all of the thousands of photos of strange cloud-like formations provided by citizens all around the world, such as those on this blog, represent nothing more than ordinary, conventional contrails, left by aircraft as their exhaust condenses. View my photos and decide for yourself if they represent ordinary contrails.

I’d aso strongly recommend reading this US military report:

“Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.”

When you’ve read the military report you’ll undoubtedly be wondering: Why would this document not remain classified? The answer is that acknowledgement of weather modification capability is a psychological operation in place to convince the reader that global weather modification will only be available by 2025, when the truth is that it is already here, and the technology is evident on a global scale.

Google: Chemtrails.



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  1. I live on central Vancouver Island and it is phenomenal the extent of cloud seeding going on up there. A clear, beautiful blue sky and then one plane, two planes, and more crisscrossing leaving trails that then look like giant zippers and then suddenly a little wind appears and some drops of rain and then a white blanket with no blue in sight. I contacted Environment Canada and they said no weather modification is happening in BC right, only hail suppression in Alberta. I contacted the weather modification company in ND and they claimed tersely, “no such activity in BC.” I now await the Military’s response… and take note that yesterday I saw the usual plane flying above, but instead of emitting a steady stream of “clouding” they would release it intermittently giving the appearance of “little clouds.” Look up at the sky folks.

    Comment by Nigel Mumford — June 19, 2013 @ 10:51 pm

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