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June 29, 2013

A Message in the fake clouds!

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Unknown cloud-like formation

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June 27, 2013

Jason Kenney tells the truth.

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Jason Kenney, Canada’s Multiculturism and Immigration Minister, will never use the word, “hoax” to describe global warming, but it’s easy to know from his choice of words that he knows it’s a hoax.

Kevin Newman, CTV newsperson, tried to goad Kenney into claiming a connection between the Alberta floods and global warming, but to Newman’s obvious disappointment Kenny said something like this: “The scientists I’ve been reading aren’t claiming a connection between the floods and global warming. The area flooded in 1892 like this and noone said anything about global warming.”

In another interview with another fake journalist who tried to goad Kennney into claiming a connection, Kenney said something like this:

“The world has been cooling, not warming for the last 16 years, so let’s not politicize the flooding.”

Kenney must know that the floods were caused by something other than global warming, and that global warming is a political–not scientific conclusion.

I’m sure Kenney’s been briefed that many of the weird, extreme recent events were caused by weather experimentation, but, of course, neither he nor any other Western politician will ever admit it.

Regardless, it seems to me that Kenney’s objections to the global warming-extreme weather events connection must derive from a purely ethical and moral consideration as he has nothing to gain by refuting the global warming connection.

Good on you, Jason Kenney.


Extreme recent weather events result from weather modification experimentation, including the floods in Alberta.

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June 6, 2013

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Making Clouds. June 5, Surrey BC

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motorhome 002These lines of chemtrails started off as contrail-like formations then, over a period of two hours or so slowly expanded until an almost completely blue sky was continuously hazed over.

Even more amazing than this is the fact that people, for some reason far beyond my understanding, have become so stupid that they didn’t notice them.

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