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September 27, 2013

Welcome to my blog.

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September 21, 2013

Chemtrails/Geoengineering busted all over the internet. Mainstream Media has never heard of it. Apparently.

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The weathermaking-chemtrails-geoengineering criminals have been exposed thousands of times all over
the internet and youtube, but of course Mainsteam Media, which must in bed with the water thieves,
has never mentioned it, except to sneer, debunk and trot out its worn-out “conspiracy theory”

Read my blog and view all of the weird photos, then search “chemtrails/geoengineering” to learn all
about why there has been so many strange and deadly extreme weather events in the last few years, including
the unique floods in Alberta and Colorado.

Congratulations to Former BC Premier (and former Surrey mayor), Bill Vanderzalm for coming out
and confronting the chemtrails/geoengineering crimes. Mr. Vanderzalm has officially requested information
about geoengineering by way of the Freedom of Information Act.

I’m sure the government will find some way to pretend that they don’t know anything about chemtrails/geoengineering
in Canada but I’m very interested in reading whatever response Mr. Vanderzalm obtains.

September 12, 2013

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Arriana Huffington said this while being interviewed by someone named Lang (of Lang and O’Leary):

“The old days of the media gods telling us how the world is are over.”

The truth is that the the media gods have never been so active and successful at created the public’s view of the world as they are today.

I could be wrong but I think Lang was a bit surprised by this obviously propagandist, ridiculous claim, but she didn’t  question it.


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