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October 17, 2013

Canadian Criminal Justice System Gone Wild

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Many years ago I was building a staircase for a client who worked as a prison guard
at the new remand center in Surrey BC. At the time there was a hostage taking by a
prisoner who demanded heroin before he would release his hostage and agree to be
taken back into custody. In our conversation the candid guard told me that “these
guys are our stock in trade. Without them we’d have to get real jobs.”

This unusual statement has stuck with me since then and, although at the time I rejected
it, I’m now very close to accepting it and the sentiment the guard was candidly divulging.

Why else would our justice system be releasing into the community a former rapist
and kidnapper who sexually assaulted one woman and kidnapped then sexually assaulted
(raped)another? A gun was used in both crimes. What’s wrong with a life sentence for this crime?

The parole board now assesses this particular criminal with a “moderate to high” liklihood
of seriously injuring or possibly killing new victims after his release.

Was the Surrey prison guard correct? Is the answer to this oddity the fact that more crime
equals more jobs?


October 10, 2013

The above post is reblogged from 2009. Today is October 9, 2013

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If you have an exceptionally high IQ (130 plus) and study diligently my article from 2009 regarding the
efficacy of antibodies as determinants of immunity in flu vaccines, then google and read the article,
A Vaccine manufacturer’s approach to address medical needs related to seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses,you will have 100 percent of the information needed to figure out that influenza vaccines have not
only never been properly tested with placebo control, but also the methods used by the flu industry
to gauge efficacy are based on completely fake science.

And the reason is this: The article, written by GlaxoSmithKline writers admits right in your
face that their efficacy claims are based on whether their vaccines trigger the immune system
to make antibodies or not.

Conclusion: The number of antibodies may mean absolutely nothing, and is certainly not a legitimate
indicator of immunity because whether any particlar individual actually contracts the flu is based
on many things including the individual’s general state of health.

The science is therefore obviously, transparently and totally FAKE.

And this: The only way to determine the efficacy of flu vaccines is to follow up a huge group of vaccinated
people and determine what percentage of them contracted the flu after vaccination.

Counting antibodies is not science; it’s just silly. The only conclusion to be gained by counting antibodies
is whether vaccines cause the immune system to create antibodies; not whether the number of antibodies
can be used to determine whether the individual will get the flu.

Think tb. Most people who test positie for tb will never get tuberculosis.Then think about the HIV antibody test.

The Aids industry loves to pretend that having antibodies to so-called HIV means you will eventually get AIDS.

Conclusion: Regarding today’s benign recombinant dna-manufactured viral particle known as HIV, having a large
number of antibodies means absolutely nothing. To conceal the obvious truth of this statement the Aidists began
calling the illness HIV-AIDS about ten years ago to make sure that everyone will associate being HIV positive
with impending doom and AIDS disease. It’s all just really stupid and reeks of the term, Al Queda linked.

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