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September 21, 2014

Welcome to my blog.

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I began this blog about five years ago with the intention of explaining in great detail many of the scientific hoaxes such as vaccines, global warming, “fossil fuels,” “peak oil,” the HINI “pandemic,” the “good cholesterol-bad cholesterol” hoax, the HIV-AIDS hoax, the statin hoaxes, (lipitor et al) the polyethylene-vapour barrier hoax, the blood pressure hoax, the hepatitis B and C hoaxes, and others such as the Al Queda–ISIS and 911 hoaxes. I stumbled across the weather manipulation by way of planes spewing chemtrails, at first, then the more sophisticated electromagnetic, ionizing of the atmosphere and have continued with this for the past two years or so.

I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest surprise has been the amount of cowardice that is endemic in the the human species. The possibility that some ‘super government’ may be controlling the weather is so frightening to almost everyone that as soon as I mention “chemtrails” or show them undeniable photos, I  immediately become personna non grata. I’ve even recently been disinvited to speak at UBC, from which I graduated in 1968, about a book I had published last year entitled A Credit To Your Race. The reason I was given is that they had a change in administration and no longer find me acceptable. Anyway, somewhere along the way to my 69th year I discovered that we’re all–pathetic cowards included–doing the best we can.

Have a look at my photos, all taken with fifty dollar Kodak digital camera from 2010 to summer, 2012 and come to your own conclusion about what they depict. The image in the photo (July 8)  which was radio-wave projected into the sky is of someone with whom I am very well acquainted, and it was obviously done as a form of intimidation. This all sounds like delusional paranoia, I realize, but in this case the truth is exponentially stranger than fiction.

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Happy late summer and fall.



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