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September 23, 2014

Old Ed thinks I’m totally nuts when I suggest that the weather is odd because it’s totally controlled.

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My neighbour Ed , (78) who laughs almost continually in spite of his

long list of very serious medical problems, has a particularly good laugh

whenever I suggest to him that our odd weather is odd because it’s totally

manufactured and controlled.


I recommend that readers who are a bit more curious than Ed should read: “Artificial Atmospheric

Ionization-A Potential Window For Weather Modification,” by Phillip Kauffman, for a primer course on

weather creation.


The message in my post entitled, “A Message In The Fake Clouds” was also manufactured using ionized atmospheric

particles. I watched it slowly assemble over my head then disassemble within two or three minutes. The message

was manufactured by using directed electromagnetic energy manipulation of ionized cloud-forming particles–

the exact method by which huge clouds are not only manufactured, but also moved around to create whatever

weather the rain-makers desire.

The ionized particles are usually nanosized aluminum or barium which become the particles to which

water vapour adheres to form rain drops.


A good analogue is to think of the entire process as akin to the old experiment of putting a bunch of magnetized

bits of iron dust on a sheet of paper and using a small magnet below the paper to move the particles around.

Of course modern cloud-making is exponentially more sophisticated than this child’s experiment, or even

the silver iodide cloud seeding projects which began way back in the olden days–the 1950s.


I’m not going to try to convince Ed though. He’s having way too much fun laughing.








September 21, 2014

Welcome to my blog.

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I began this blog about five years ago with the intention of explaining in great detail many of the scientific hoaxes such as vaccines, global warming, “fossil fuels,” “peak oil,” the HINI “pandemic,” the “good cholesterol-bad cholesterol” hoax, the HIV-AIDS hoax, the statin hoaxes, (lipitor et al) the polyethylene-vapour barrier hoax, the blood pressure hoax, the hepatitis B and C hoaxes, and others such as the Al Queda–ISIS and 911 hoaxes. I stumbled across the weather manipulation by way of planes spewing chemtrails, at first, then the more sophisticated electromagnetic, ionizing of the atmosphere and have continued with this for the past two years or so.

I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest surprise has been the amount of cowardice that is endemic in the the human species. The possibility that some ‘super government’ may be controlling the weather is so frightening to almost everyone that as soon as I mention “chemtrails” or show them undeniable photos, I  immediately become personna non grata. I’ve even recently been disinvited to speak at UBC, from which I graduated in 1968, about a book I had published last year entitled A Credit To Your Race. The reason I was given is that they had a change in administration and no longer find me acceptable. Anyway, somewhere along the way to my 69th year I discovered that we’re all–pathetic cowards included–doing the best we can.

Have a look at my photos, all taken with fifty dollar Kodak digital camera from 2010 to summer, 2012 and come to your own conclusion about what they depict. The image in the photo (July 8)  which was radio-wave projected into the sky is of someone with whom I am very well acquainted, and it was obviously done as a form of intimidation. This all sounds like delusional paranoia, I realize, but in this case the truth is exponentially stranger than fiction.

When you come to the bottom of each page in this blog please continue by clicking on “older posts.”

Happy late summer and fall.


September 4, 2014

Cancer drugs and treatment are among the world’s top three scams.

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Before you dummies give one cent of your hard-earned cash to Cops for Cancer

or one of the ubiquitous cancer “charities” read about how the American

government persecuted oncologist, Stanislav Burzinsky for his successful

treatment of cancer patients. Go here: “Cancer curing Dr. Burzinsky Case


Then see the film: Dr. Burzinsky, Cancer Is Serious Business.


Regarding the ridiculous “charities” you also might consider that the

Cancer industry makes much more money treating cancer with their

cancer chemotherapy poisons, cancer-causing radiation and metastasis-causing

surgery than they ever would if they had a cure for cancer.


Consider also that the pharmaceutical companies rake in trillions of

dollars every year selling their murderous and mostly useless drugs.


Cancer is no mystery. It results from chronic inflammation which is

precipitated by a chemical, microbial or radiological assault on the

human immune system.


Every adult has cancer cell. Whether they proliferate and grow to

debilitating tumours depends upon how well the immune system

is able to deal with them.


So cancer is, in fact, an immune disease.

Protect yourself against cancer by protecting your

immune system.

It’s not rocket science.

Avoid ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

Never eat any so-called “food” that comes

in a package.

Do not eat thin-skinned fruits.

Avoid eating vegetables that you didn’t grow


Avoid bacterial infections. My research leaves me with the

suspicion that long-term, unnoticed, bacterial infection may

be the number one cause of cancer and many other chronic



Regardless,  whatever causes chronic inflammation will very likely

result in cancer. The human immune system is brilliant, but also stupid

enough to enflame infected tissue as a means of attacking colonizing

bacteria or their antigens. And it is this long-term cell-heating that

eventually alters the sequencing capabilities of the genetic material

within every cell.












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