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September 4, 2014

Cancer drugs and treatment are among the world’s top three scams.

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Before you dummies give one cent of your hard-earned cash to Cops for Cancer

or one of the ubiquitous cancer “charities” read about how the American

government persecuted oncologist, Stanislav Burzinsky for his successful

treatment of cancer patients. Go here: “Cancer curing Dr. Burzinsky Case


Then see the film: Dr. Burzinsky, Cancer Is Serious Business.


Regarding the ridiculous “charities” you also might consider that the

Cancer industry makes much more money treating cancer with their

cancer chemotherapy poisons, cancer-causing radiation and metastasis-causing

surgery than they ever would if they had a cure for cancer.


Consider also that the pharmaceutical companies rake in trillions of

dollars every year selling their murderous and mostly useless drugs.


Cancer is no mystery. It results from chronic inflammation which is

precipitated by a chemical, microbial or radiological assault on the

human immune system.


Every adult has cancer cell. Whether they proliferate and grow to

debilitating tumours depends upon how well the immune system

is able to deal with them.


So cancer is, in fact, an immune disease.

Protect yourself against cancer by protecting your

immune system.

It’s not rocket science.

Avoid ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

Never eat any so-called “food” that comes

in a package.

Do not eat thin-skinned fruits.

Avoid eating vegetables that you didn’t grow


Avoid bacterial infections. My research leaves me with the

suspicion that long-term, unnoticed, bacterial infection may

be the number one cause of cancer and many other chronic



Regardless,  whatever causes chronic inflammation will very likely

result in cancer. The human immune system is brilliant, but also stupid

enough to enflame infected tissue as a means of attacking colonizing

bacteria or their antigens. And it is this long-term cell-heating that

eventually alters the sequencing capabilities of the genetic material

within every cell.














  1. Truman, yes you are right – the cancer industry is a complete and utter scam. It stems from the genetic doctrine, which itself is a tools for controlling the masses. However, there is a bit more to the story than just inflammation – metabolism is key. The cell needs energy to maintain its status and not turn cancerous. If metabolism fails due to radiation, toxins, stress, etc (just like you said) that’s when cancer take hold. Take a look at this guy’s website. He has been teaching and practicing for years.

    Comment by Nigel Nelson — September 5, 2014 @ 3:07 pm

  2. Nigel, thank you for commenting on my blog. The metabolic “causation” of cancer was discovered by researchers using the “genetic doctrine” which
    you believe is “itself a tool for controlling the masses.”

    If you search “Keystone Symposia-Tumor Metabolism, which was sponsored by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer Inc.
    and held this past March at Whistler BC, you’ll notice this statement regarding the metabolic approach to cancer causation:

    “Mutations affecting metabolic enzymes equals evidence that altered cellular metabolism can cause cancer”.

    And this:

    “The recent discovery of mutations affecting metabolic enzymes such as succinate dehydrogenase, fumerate hydratose and isocetrate dehydrogenase
    provides genetic evidence that altered metabolism can cause cancer.”

    Degradation of metabolism is not in itself causative of cancer, but rather symptomatic that the
    information within the cell which controls metabolism and all other cellular functions has been disrupted from
    from its non-cancerous pathways, leading eventually to the emergence of cancer cells and tumours.

    The “genetic doctrine,” about which you are highly suspicious, degrees that DNA and RNA carry the information
    and instructions for cellular and organism development, including all of the molecules and biochemicals of all
    of the organism’s many systems, including metabolism and immune function.

    It should therefore be clear to you that, although metabolism has an epiphenomenal association with
    cancer, it is not in itself a first cause.

    I am sure that all of those researchers who are currently engaged in researching the metabolic cause
    of cancer realize this, and are members of the crowd which perpetrates the cancer scam which you have
    referred to.

    A researcher can acquire larger grants from researching associated or epiphenomenal associations than he/she can trying to earnestly
    identify first causes, which, of course, the cancer industry does its best to ignore.

    However, your comment has inspired me to wrote a detailed report about the reasons I have landed on chronic inflammation
    as a first cause, and I’ll be posting it within a week or so.

    Meanwhile, I’d suggest you search: “Chronic Inflammation and Cancer” on a hundred or so website and blogs.

    I’m sure you understand that by identifying CI as a first cause I recognize that the causes of CI
    are embodied in whatever has changed our environment in the last hundred years so that
    50% of men will now experience some kind of cancer within their lifetimes.

    Ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, emerging recombinant viruses, unchecked and unidentified
    bacterial colonization and chemical toxicity, are the primary causes of chronic inflammation
    which alters genetic information within the cell and thereby causes the destructive
    cellular syndrome known as cancer.

    In my opinion, the metabolic approach to cancer research is merely another grant-seeking
    scam as metabolic degradation is a symptom and not a primary cause of cellular damage.

    A genetically-altered cell can no longer carry on healthy metabolic function.

    Meanwhile, here’s a thought program: What similarities exist among ionizing radiation,
    (which all serious thinkers agree can cause cancer) and non-ionizing radiation, sunlight
    and immune-mediated inflammation? Can they all have a similar effect on the cell?

    Thanks again, Nigel

    Comment by trugreen1 — September 6, 2014 @ 7:34 pm

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