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October 4, 2014

Google this: The Vaccine Hoax Is Over NSN International

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I’ve been trying to explain for years that all of the diseases which are
claimed to have been eradicated by vaccines were, in fact, eradicated by
infectious self-limitation of the pathogens, vastly improved sewage disposal systems
and controlling animal and insect carriers of the pathogens that cause the diseases.

One moment in time that I will never forget occurred while
I was taking a seminar at Vancouver General Hospital back in the l960s.
I asked the professor what diseases existed in North and South America before Europeans arrived.

I expected him to supply a list, perhaps of diseases I had never heard
of, but instead, looking quite sheepish, he answered something like: “There were none;
North and South American aboriginals did not experience a single contagious
disease before the arrival of Europeans.”

The reasons: Human waste and living conditions.

You won’t find much mention about it in high school
or undergraduate textbooks, but Europeans lived in such proximity to
their excrement and that of their animals that they gained immunity to
the many bacterial and viral pathogens (most often quite harmlessly) that reside in feces.
Occasionally, though, Europeans were not able to acquire immunity rapidly enough and massive
pandemics such as the Plague and the Flu pandemic of early 20th century raced ahead
of any possibility of intervention by the human immune system.

The first instance of biological warfare occurred by the innocent or purposeful
introduction of smallpox into North and South America aboriginal communities by European armies and
colonizers. Because native South and North American people had no immunological defense against
the novel smallpox pathogen, between 70 and 90% (depending upon whose history you believe)
of the entire aboriginal population was killed by smallpox.

(In fact, learning about this singularly evil slaughter was my first philosophical assurance
that there was no beneficent god operating in the world).

The Black Plague, (Yersinia Pestis bacteria) probably the most terrifying disease ever to inflict humans
killed one third of the European population in a five-year period–1348 to 1353.

Do I need to mention that vaccines were not available in 1353, yet the plague ended
five years after it began?

In my article, Antibodies As Determinants of Efficacy in Flu Vaccines,
published by Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, I have outlined exactly
why vaccine science which is based on whether the so-called flu virus antigens, hemagglutinin
and neuraminidase cause the human immune system to create antibodies is totally
junk science because the introduction of antibodies has never been scientifically
shown to be a reliable determinant of the efficacy of antibody-based immunology.

Google the article, The Vaccine Hoax Is Over on the NSN International website and learn
that writer, Andrew Baker, using the UK Freedom of Information Act, has discovered that
the British government has known that vaccines don’t work for 30 years.

Indeed, the Vaccine Hoax would be over except for the fact that the media which
should be reporting the discovery of the British documents, is almost 100% owned
by the same corporate interests which own and operate the pharmaceutical
companies which earn billions from selling vaccines to governments.


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