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September 27, 2015

Google this: Did the West create ISIS?

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new trucks from turkey 002Answer: Of course, don’t be so stupid.

The Canadian Airforce could destroy Isis in Syria all by itself, even with its obsolete F18s if ISIS wasn’t just part of another American-British-Israeli hoax.

The Americans and Canadians and their “allies” have no intention of  destroying a ragtag force of mercenary killers created by the CIA.

It looks like Putin is on to this sick scam and has decided to go in and destroy ISIS himself. He’s in a win-win situation. The Americans have gotten so accustomed to pulling off whatever false flags they like and now Putin’s probably laughing like crazy defending his ally, Syria, while doing what the whole world seems to want, which

is to kill more Washington-paid arabs dressed up like jihadists. By the way, none of the ISIS beheadings of Americans happened. It was just more CIA


The object is to keep the middle east wars going forever, or at least until Israel’s enemies are completely destroyed or fatally destabilized.


Let me repeat: ISIS was created by the CIA and Mossad of Israel, probably cooked up by the same false flaggers who cooked up 911 and

blamed it on 19 arabs with box cutters. One of the objects of 911 was as an excuse to start destroying the societies and economies of the Arab

nations, with one of the eventual goals being the appearance of the debt-slaving banks in these countries to teach the

Arabs how to be in debt just like the rest of the world. Speaking of debt, the US finances these wars with “quantitatively eased”

money–by which the Private Company, the so-called “Federal” Reserve. just prints up a whole whack of money

out of thin air and charges the American people interest on their own money. These same people knock down buildings

with explosives, then, by paying off Congress by way of AIPAC, and installing a fake President, destroy Iraq and Afghanistan

using American troops without losing a single soldier of their own. Brilliant, not to mention evil. The trouble with karma

is that it is so slow, sometimes taking generations to render its justice. But it always comes–eventually.

Smart move Putin.







September 23, 2015

Special message from the chemtrailers.

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World's Strangest "Cloud."

Manufacturing the weather, Surrey BC Canada September 22, 2015

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september chemtrails 008

Manufacturing the weather, Surrey BC 2015

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september chemtrails 006

Manufacturing the weather over Surrey BC, September 22, 2015

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september chemtrails 004

September 22, 2015

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September 19, 2015

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Picture 205

September 13, 2015

Coup de grace

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new photos 097 (2)

September 10, 2015

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