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October 31, 2015

Cure for Cancer is being suppressed, referred to as “quackery” by cancer industry criminals

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I have been referring to cancer as an immune deficiency disease for many years, but I
didn’t know until recently how accurate I was.

My readings in cancer research led me to the belief that tumours develop when the
immune system has somehow lost its ability to destroy emerging cancer cells, and that
extreme, long-term, chronic immune-mediated inflammation is the causative factor in immune deterioration.

To my astonishment, the accuracy of my assessment has not only been well known for many years, but a therapy has been developed to rebuild the immune system which acts by restoring a naturally-occurring protein
known as Gc-MAF. (globulin-component-macrophage activating factor)

In cancer patients this protein has been destroyed by an enzyme known as NAGALASE which
is alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase.

The big question is this: How did this nagalase get into the bodies of those who are suddenly
afflicted with so many fast-acting cancers? My personal suspicion is that it is in vaccines,
but I have no proof or even evidence of this beyond the circumstantial.

For example: Why has the incidence of cancer risen to the degree that now almost 50% of adults will
get some kind of cancer in their lifetimes? Just 60 years ago cancer was a rare disorder.

Don’t take my word for any of this. There are thousands of references to the Nagalase-GcMAF
research on the internet. Research them. And, as usual, follow the money. In the
case of cancer treatments it’s 100-150 billion dollars per year in the US alone.

During your research you are going to encounter many instances of the new cancer therapy
being referred to as quackery. Among these are such sites as “Quackwatch” and “Science-based
Medicine.” Don’t be deceived by the titles. These people are employed by the medical and
pharmaceutical industries.

It is their job to destroy any new efficacious holistic or alternative therapies which
would jeopardize the billions earned by Mainstream Medicine and the vaccine makers.

Is the world really so evil that there exists a cabal of monsters which would stoop so
low as to prevent cancer patients from receiving provably efficacious cancer therapies?

Very sad and discouraging commentary if I am correct, but unlike Olivia Chow, who says she
can’t divulge the nature of the cancer that killed her husband, Canadian politician
Jack Layton, “because it will discourage those who have his kind of cancer,” I still have faith that the truth,
is better than a pack of lies.


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administered gcmaf

October 30, 2015

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October 29, 2015

Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell explain GcMAF

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Go here to read an excellent account of the cancer breakthrough GcMAF
by Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell. It was written in 2008.

According to these writers GcMAF cannot be patented because it
is a naturally-occurring molecule. Even the Japanese researchers
who originally discovered it are trying to cash in by patenting
what they refer to as a “second-generation” GcMAF. This upgrading
is not necessary because the original naturally-occurring molecule
has been found to have amazing efficacy as a tumour-destroying

Truman October 29, 2015

Go here:

GcMAF is the only real breakthrough cancer therapy in history.

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If you think the cancer industry has really been trying to find
a cancer cure which would destroy its 150 billion dollar per year
theft from cancer patients and governments, don’t read this blog.

Continue searching for pornography and celebrity websites to find
out what the Kardashians are doing.

If your brain is still functioning search GcMAF and find out
what it’s all about and why the pharmascorpians and medical industry
are trying to destroy it and the researchers and practitioners
who have been using it.

Japanese researchers first discovered how cancer cells and infectious
agents–viruses–destroy the immune system’s ability to protect
the body. The Cancer business claims this discovery is bogus and
is busy trying to impede application of the discovery in cancer
therapy which would destroy the murderous therapy regime of
deadly chemotherapies, radiation and surgery.

It’s all over the internet (but, of course, absent from Mainstream
Media) so read all about it.

GcMAF cancer therapy available in Japan as US and UK ban it.

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In my opinion GcMAF is a legitimate cancer cure

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October 26, 2015

Cancer, autism cure blocked, banned and ridiculed by Mainstream Medicine and the Pharmascorpians.

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Most prominent US GcMAF researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet found dead in a river with one bullet in the chest.

Most prominent US GcMAF researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet found dead in a river with one bullet in the chest.

This might be the most evil thing I have encountered in my lifetime,
considering the amount of suffering that is experienced by cancer

Japanese and American researchers have discovered that there is an enzyme
known as Nagalase that is strangely present in almost everyone who has one of
a myriad of illnesses including autism, cancers of many types (perhaps all),
viral infections and many neurological illnesses.

It is well documented that this enzyme is secreted by cancer cells and
viruses. In fact, regular cancer researchers have used a test for
Nagalase to determine how well their chemotherapies are working. The
more Nagalese in the patient, the less beneficial is the treatment.

Every human being has an immune facilitator protein
known as GcMAF–globulin component macrophage activating factor.

Gc (globulin component) is a precursor vitamin D3 protein-binding particle
which must be upgraded to macrophage activating
factor in order for the MAF to do its job of destroying cancer cells
and viruses.

Nagalase has been called a “stealth bomber” that prevents the upgrading
of Gc to GcMAF and in this way prevents the MAF from doing its
job for the immune system of destroying cancer cells and other
infectious material.

A macrophage is an immune cell that “eats”
viral antigens and cancer cells.

Nagalase does not exist in the bodies of healthy people. Cancer
cells and viruses secret it. The “elephant-in-the-room”
question is this: Where did the high amounts of Nagalese in the
bodies of cancer and autism patients come from.

There are researchers and alternative doctors who are proposing
that the Nagalase was injected along with various vaccines, and
they are also suspicious that this inclusion did not occur by

This is probably the biggest story in the history of cancer research
and treatment, yet Mainstream Medicine and Mainstream Media rarely (if ever) mention
it except to denigrate the GcMAF researchers and refer to them
as “quacks.”

Since June 19, 2015 eleven alternative practitioners have either
been murdered, died mysteriously or gone missing. Many
of them were very interested in the Nagalase-GcMAF connection.

During this time Mainstream Media has busied itself assuring readers
that the deaths of so many prominent holistic practitioners in a three-
month period are only coincidental. And, of course, the fact that
many of the deceased were very interested in or directly involved
with GcMAF research and treatment means absolutely nothing and anyone
who would dissent is even more obviously nothing but a tin-foil
hat wearer or conspiracy theorist. And, also of course, all of
these GcMAF researchers and practitioners are quacks.

Of the deceased Jeffrey Bradstreet is the best known and the most prominent
advocate of GcMAF as a treatment for cancer and autism.

The treatment is simple: reintroduce the GcMAF that was destroyed
by the Nagalese and by doing so, reinvigorate the immune system
and cure the patient.

The current Mainstream Medicine approach to cancer is that it is
a genetic problem–something wrong with how dna nucleotide bases
are sequenced. It is a sad commentary on the human race that so
many seem stupid enough to accept this nonsense.

The point is: Why does the human immune system stop doing its
job of destroying cancer cells and a host of other infectious
particles? Every human adult on the planet has some cancer
cells; they are harmless if the immune system is healthy enough
to deal with them.

And why are those who believe they have found at least one answer (perhaps
the ultimate answer) being hounded, ridiculed, referred to as “quacks” and even

The American Cancer Industry is worth 100 billion dollars
per year. A cure for cancer which the industry claims as its
main goal, would destroy a huge percentage of the profits
of this evil enterprise.

In all of my years studying cancer and viral research I have
never encountered more legitimate and promising research
than the GcMAF research that is currently being destroyed
by fake debunkers and denigrators.

Scientific journals which published peer-reviewed articles
on GcMAF are even being retracted with the sudden pretense
that the studies are seriously flawed.

Treatment clinics in the US, UK and Europe are being closed
down. GcMAF treatment of autism patients is being banned
in the US.

So far Japanese doctors and researchers have not been intimidated and Japanese
scientists have even developed a second-generation
GcMAF, which is many times more potent than the first generation
molecule which was being used in the US.

Search this: Saisei Mirai Clinics

Go to PubMed to read the many peer-reviewed GcMAF research papers and
follow up on how and why some of the peer reviewed papers have
been retracted in medical journals.

Find out if the retracted studies were retracted for financial
or scientific reasons.

October 25, 2015

8 prominent holistic and alternative doctors found murdered or “suicided” since June 2015

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8 doctors dead 001

This photo was directly copied from Erin Elizabeth’s site

There are now a total of 11 holistic doctors who have mysteriously died in the United States
since June 2015.

I’m recommending that my readers research this story for themselves.


October 23, 2015

Man-made clouds over Surrey BC October 23, 2015

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