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October 29, 2015

GcMAF is the only real breakthrough cancer therapy in history.

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If you think the cancer industry has really been trying to find
a cancer cure which would destroy its 150 billion dollar per year
theft from cancer patients and governments, don’t read this blog.

Continue searching for pornography and celebrity websites to find
out what the Kardashians are doing.

If your brain is still functioning search GcMAF and find out
what it’s all about and why the pharmascorpians and medical industry
are trying to destroy it and the researchers and practitioners
who have been using it.

Japanese researchers first discovered how cancer cells and infectious
agents–viruses–destroy the immune system’s ability to protect
the body. The Cancer business claims this discovery is bogus and
is busy trying to impede application of the discovery in cancer
therapy which would destroy the murderous therapy regime of
deadly chemotherapies, radiation and surgery.

It’s all over the internet (but, of course, absent from Mainstream
Media) so read all about it.


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