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October 31, 2015

Cure for Cancer is being suppressed, referred to as “quackery” by cancer industry criminals

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I have been referring to cancer as an immune deficiency disease for many years, but I
didn’t know until recently how accurate I was.

My readings in cancer research led me to the belief that tumours develop when the
immune system has somehow lost its ability to destroy emerging cancer cells, and that
extreme, long-term, chronic immune-mediated inflammation is the causative factor in immune deterioration.

To my astonishment, the accuracy of my assessment has not only been well known for many years, but a therapy has been developed to rebuild the immune system which acts by restoring a naturally-occurring protein
known as Gc-MAF. (globulin-component-macrophage activating factor)

In cancer patients this protein has been destroyed by an enzyme known as NAGALASE which
is alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase.

The big question is this: How did this nagalase get into the bodies of those who are suddenly
afflicted with so many fast-acting cancers? My personal suspicion is that it is in vaccines,
but I have no proof or even evidence of this beyond the circumstantial.

For example: Why has the incidence of cancer risen to the degree that now almost 50% of adults will
get some kind of cancer in their lifetimes? Just 60 years ago cancer was a rare disorder.

Don’t take my word for any of this. There are thousands of references to the Nagalase-GcMAF
research on the internet. Research them. And, as usual, follow the money. In the
case of cancer treatments it’s 100-150 billion dollars per year in the US alone.

During your research you are going to encounter many instances of the new cancer therapy
being referred to as quackery. Among these are such sites as “Quackwatch” and “Science-based
Medicine.” Don’t be deceived by the titles. These people are employed by the medical and
pharmaceutical industries.

It is their job to destroy any new efficacious holistic or alternative therapies which
would jeopardize the billions earned by Mainstream Medicine and the vaccine makers.

Is the world really so evil that there exists a cabal of monsters which would stoop so
low as to prevent cancer patients from receiving provably efficacious cancer therapies?

Very sad and discouraging commentary if I am correct, but unlike Olivia Chow, who says she
can’t divulge the nature of the cancer that killed her husband, Canadian politician
Jack Layton, “because it will discourage those who have his kind of cancer,” I still have faith that the truth,
is better than a pack of lies.


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