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March 16, 2017

I was waiting for something like this to appear over my head and was ready

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with my cheap digital camera. It was flashed into the sky for approximately
one minute. I watched it being assembled and also noticed the damage
that was done to accompanying real clouds, but I don’t remember if I also
watched it being disassembled.

I was waiting for it as I had predicted a day or so earlier that the weather
makers would soon be doing messages in the sky composed of letters of
the alphabet. Although there are no letters in this message, I was
correct about the appearance of messages in the sky.

I also understand that what I have written will be impossible to
believe, and will sound delusional, but imagine how delusional I would
seem if I had tried to describe what I had seen without having taken
a photo of it.

I also know exactly what the message is, and it should be obvious, but
so far I have not encountered a single person (beside myself) who has been
able to understand the message in the man-made “cloud.”


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