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April 12, 2017

Synchronicity or…

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I wrote the following post about an hour ago: “Trending on Truman Green’s Science
Rumours.” Among my observations regardingevolution is my well-considered
belief that the theory of evolution dependingon natural selection, genetic
drift and mutations is simply an unbelievably stupid idea.

Within minutes of finishing this post I turned on the radio which was
randomly tuned to CBC Radio ONE. A doctor Robert Lanza was doing an interview
with a CBC journalist and, as my ears began to tune in, the first coherent
concept I received was Dr. Lanza saying exactly this while talking about
evolutionism: “…Randomness is very close to idiocy,” said the rather
goofy biocentrist.

However. Voila! Dr. Lanza is saying exactly what I posted on my blog. While his
theory of so-called Biocentrism is pure silliness, he has at least
recognized that complex creatures did not come into existence by way
of random events coming into proximity with each other in space and

Believe it or not Randomness is the hallmark of the Theory of Evolution
which, as I have written many times, is probably the most ridiculous
idea ever invented by unbelievably stupid “scientific” minds.

Was my new awareness of Dr. Lanza’s “Beyond Biocentrism” happening
as it did within minutes of me attributing stupidity to the traditional
theory of evolution and writing almost his exact words on my blog
a coincidence?

Answer: No. But what force brought these two events into such
proximity in space and time? Carl Jung, who we all know and love, would have merely viewed
this “coincidence” as synchronicity, and he too, would have pretended
to have an explanation.

I do not know the source of such synchronicity but I do know that
I have experienced it many times and it always seems to
facilitate the learning process, which
I assume is its raison d’etre.


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