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April 22, 2017

Welcome to my blog, Nigel.

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Someone named Nigel asked me three questions about the photos on this blog.

He also asked me if I was aware that weather manipulation was used in the
Vietnam War. Yes, I was aware of this. In fact I read about it again in the
last week or so.

Of course, I have no direct evidence that claims of weather manipulation in the
Vietnam War aren’t little more than rumour, so I don’t know if it really occurred.

To Nigel: I have no idea who you are or why you contacted me. It is possible
that you are an inquisitive, honest and ethical person. It is also
possible that you are an agent of the “things” that do the weather manipulation
and are just querying me to discover what I know, or at least what I
believe. Therefore I won’t be answering your questions or posting them
on this blog.

Many of the photos on this blog are completely unique, at least to the
general public and possibly to everyone on earth except me. I have no way
of knowing the truth about that either.

I do know that someone posted: “Nutcase, Truman Green, thinks the weather is
manipulated” on another website. This person was an agent
of the “bad guys” who do the weather manipulation. So, to answer your questions
about what I believe is going on in these photos is just inviting more dishonest
trollian behaviour.

But, if you are one of the good guys, Nigel, my apologies and thanks for
sending your comments.


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