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March 22, 2018

I rarely like to say, “Told you so,” but the new Facebook revelations are one of those times.

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The world is a place of mysteries but one of the most fascinating is why hundreds of
millions of people would willingly give Facebook total knowledge of not only
their lives but also provide them with a profile.

And it’s that very profile that WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton now recommends that Facebook
members should delete.

Instead of laying out the entire sordid Facebook scandal I’m going to just recommend
that my readers have a serious look into exactly what Facebook really is and whose
interests it serves.

Hint: Julian Assange said that Facebook is an “appalling spying machine” or something
to that effect. Again, google it for the exact quote.

This is all too obvious and Facebook members are too stupid for me to waste any more
words on this topic, but I’d suggests thinking about the “secret Facebook group” and
trying to figure out how groups such as these are little more than transparent
spying programs.

Smarten up, eh. Delete all your crap on Facebook. As Scottish rock star, Rod Stewart
wrote. you should “Feel I’m being used” every time you spill your stupid guts on Facebook.

And if you’re in a “secret Facebook group” you can be almost certain that it isn’t really
a secret group and that someone has been paid or encouraged to set it up so that you
can be spied on.

To be continued…


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