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December 15, 2018


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Gcmaf is a proven cure for cancer.
It is being suppressed by the

cancer industry.

Research it.

This suppression is the equivalence

of genocidal crimes committed by

all of the other historical Pol Pots considering the amount of needless suffering which is experienced by cancer victims.

Cancer has been beaten but the corporatocracy has banned the cure
in Canada, the US and Britain.


I made a woodstove.

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June 10, 2018


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March 22, 2018

I rarely like to say, “Told you so,” but the new Facebook revelations are one of those times.

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The world is a place of mysteries but one of the most fascinating is why hundreds of
millions of people would willingly give Facebook total knowledge of not only
their lives but also provide them with a profile.

And it’s that very profile that WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton now recommends that Facebook
members should delete.

Instead of laying out the entire sordid Facebook scandal I’m going to just recommend
that my readers have a serious look into exactly what Facebook really is and whose
interests it serves.

Hint: Julian Assange said that Facebook is an “appalling spying machine” or something
to that effect. Again, google it for the exact quote.

This is all too obvious and Facebook members are too stupid for me to waste any more
words on this topic, but I’d suggests thinking about the “secret Facebook group” and
trying to figure out how groups such as these are little more than transparent
spying programs.

Smarten up, eh. Delete all your crap on Facebook. As Scottish rock star, Rod Stewart
wrote. you should “Feel I’m being used” every time you spill your stupid guts on Facebook.

And if you’re in a “secret Facebook group” you can be almost certain that it isn’t really
a secret group and that someone has been paid or encouraged to set it up so that you
can be spied on.

To be continued…

May 5, 2017

It’s 9:59 PM and all’s well–no big storm yet…

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So I guess the weather-makers changed their minds or they
pressed the wrong buttons or something.

Actually, I did notice a few mini gusts of wind about an hour ago
but they seemed to fizzle quickly without blowing anything over
as storms are wont to do. Wont? What’s that?

Maybe they’re on strike for better wages. Maybe the meteorologists
who work for “mainstream media” are just
getting tired of lying to the public about the source
of all the goofy weather we’ve been getting since the late 90s.

April 29, 2017

The Global Warming hoax has everything going for it except…

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Warmer weather.

April 28, 2017

How to resist the aging process.

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It is an unusual week if I am not somehow queried about how I manage to remain
so fit and active at the age of 72. So I thought I would write something about
it and refer the next batch of inquisitors to this blog.

In real estate the mantra is “location, location and location.”

Similarly, regarding health, the mantra should be: “Protect your immune
system and it will protect you.”

For a more detailed account of my views on the human immune system see my article
by googling: “My Big Immune Response–Migraine Adventure And Proof of Intelligent

However, to break it down into simple terms you can protect your immune system by
adhering to the following:

1. Never work when you are tired–it induces premature aging

1b. I forgot to mention one of the most important factors–
food intake reduction. Food is for nutrition not recreation.
In 1956 animal studies proved that cutting the normal intake
of food by 40% will greatly increase life spans. There is
no reason to doubt that this will work for humans too, although
I don’t know of any clinical studies regarding it.

2. Do not eat factory foods–they’re full of preservatives
which increase shelf life and therefore profits.

3. Remove events and circumstances that cause chronic stress

3b. I read a ton of articles on the relationship between illness
and stress as prep. work for doing this list. One of the
best is: “Why Being Stressed Can Wreak Havoc On Your Immune
System And Make You Physically Ill,” by Fiona Macrae for
The Daily Mail.

4. Do not have relationships with toxic people who enjoy
creating emotional responses in the lives of their friends,
family members and acquaintances, and employees.

5. Do not overwhelm your immune system with poor hygiene.

6. Strive to understand the placebo effect and how it
affects mental and physical health. Read my article,
The Placebo Effect, on this blog.

7. Get tons of sleep–it reorganizes the cells of the
immune system

8 Have a physical exercise program as part of your
lifestyle such as rapid walking or cycling.

9. Do some work.Remember all work that contributes to the well-being
of yourself or others is dignified and honourable,
whether it’s cleaning up garbage or doing math for
the space program.

10. Resist the allure of smart phones whether you’re
pressing them against the side of your head
or bending your neck to read them.

Statistically speaking non-ionizing radiation
increases the likelihood of brain tumours.

google: the dangers of smart phones and the
danger of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

There’s nowhere to hide from the WiFi frequency soup we
all inhabit but avoid it wherever possible. These cell phone
signals are the same frequency as the micro-wave energy
that boils the water inside of organic products.

Darn! I got carried away on Wifi again.

11. Figure out how to completely stop the aging process
for at least a ten year period of your life.
(This one is quite difficult) hint: Think biocentrism
sans the ultimate creation protocol.

12. Don’t be among the idiots who are celebrating the
legalization of a very stupid method of putting smoke into
your lungs. Great idea as a medicine if transported into
your body using methods other than smoking, but if you
purposefully put pot smoke into your lungs your
brain has atrophied.

13. Which brings me to smoking cigarettes and drinking booze:

Don’t do it.

14. And don’t get vaccinated. The only people they protect are the pharmaceutical vaccinators–from bankruptcy.

April 22, 2017

Welcome to my blog, Nigel.

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Someone named Nigel asked me three questions about the photos on this blog.

He also asked me if I was aware that weather manipulation was used in the
Vietnam War. Yes, I was aware of this. In fact I read about it again in the
last week or so.

Of course, I have no direct evidence that claims of weather manipulation in the
Vietnam War aren’t little more than rumour, so I don’t know if it really occurred.

To Nigel: I have no idea who you are or why you contacted me. It is possible
that you are an inquisitive, honest and ethical person. It is also
possible that you are an agent of the “things” that do the weather manipulation
and are just querying me to discover what I know, or at least what I
believe. Therefore I won’t be answering your questions or posting them
on this blog.

Many of the photos on this blog are completely unique, at least to the
general public and possibly to everyone on earth except me. I have no way
of knowing the truth about that either.

I do know that someone posted: “Nutcase, Truman Green, thinks the weather is
manipulated” on another website. This person was an agent
of the “bad guys” who do the weather manipulation. So, to answer your questions
about what I believe is going on in these photos is just inviting more dishonest
trollian behaviour.

But, if you are one of the good guys, Nigel, my apologies and thanks for
sending your comments.

April 21, 2017

Minimum requirements for reading this blog:

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1. Knowledge of what the letters DNA stand for. (No googling)

2. Know what quantitative easing is.

3. Know exactly who did 911 and why. Hint: it wasn’t the Arabs with
boxcutters. Also know how many tall buildings came down at the
twin towers disaster.

4. Know who created ISIS and why.

5. Have dealt with the cognitive dissonance in your life regarding
philosophy, religion, economics, history and politics.

6. Have an IQ of at least 140

7. Have chosen irreducible complexity and intelligent design as your
view of the development of species, including ours.

8. Be firmly convinced that you have had at least one supernatural
event in your life.

April 12, 2017

Synchronicity or…

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I wrote the following post about an hour ago: “Trending on Truman Green’s Science
Rumours.” Among my observations regardingevolution is my well-considered
belief that the theory of evolution dependingon natural selection, genetic
drift and mutations is simply an unbelievably stupid idea.

Within minutes of finishing this post I turned on the radio which was
randomly tuned to CBC Radio ONE. A doctor Robert Lanza was doing an interview
with a CBC journalist and, as my ears began to tune in, the first coherent
concept I received was Dr. Lanza saying exactly this while talking about
evolutionism: “…Randomness is very close to idiocy,” said the rather
goofy biocentrist.

However. Voila! Dr. Lanza is saying exactly what I posted on my blog. While his
theory of so-called Biocentrism is pure silliness, he has at least
recognized that complex creatures did not come into existence by way
of random events coming into proximity with each other in space and

Believe it or not Randomness is the hallmark of the Theory of Evolution
which, as I have written many times, is probably the most ridiculous
idea ever invented by unbelievably stupid “scientific” minds.

Was my new awareness of Dr. Lanza’s “Beyond Biocentrism” happening
as it did within minutes of me attributing stupidity to the traditional
theory of evolution and writing almost his exact words on my blog
a coincidence?

Answer: No. But what force brought these two events into such
proximity in space and time? Carl Jung, who we all know and love, would have merely viewed
this “coincidence” as synchronicity, and he too, would have pretended
to have an explanation.

I do not know the source of such synchronicity but I do know that
I have experienced it many times and it always seems to
facilitate the learning process, which
I assume is its raison d’etre.

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