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April 12, 2017

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My debate with some Masters and engineering students on Larry Moran’s evolution website.

You can arrive at the debate by clicking on “about” to the right, then clicking
on Larry Moran’s blog and then scrolling down until you come to my comments.

My conclusion: When considering the origin of life, irreducible complexity or
intelligent design is obviously the way to go.

The so-called theory of evolution by way of natural selection, genetic drift and
mutations is little more than an unbelievably stupid comedy of ideas. Ditto for
the major religions.

Copyright Notice.

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The copyright to the photos on this blog belongs to me, Truman Green. I took
these photographs with a C182 Kodak digital camera on or about August 11, 2011
at Newton, in Surrey BC Canada.

Everyone is welcome to use these photos in any way with the exception of
an enterprise for which money or other material benefit is traded, and I
have made the same limitation for myself.

If you wish to use these photos for your own blog or other publication
please leave a message letting me know how they will be used. If you
decide to use them please leave a notification on your own blog or
other publication that you have used them
with my permission and no material benefit will be sought or charged for
their usage or for the publication, blog or website in which they will
appear. This is very important.

I have not been able to present a detailed explanation of the content in
these photos because they are so strange and amazing that anything I
write about them will tend to seem delusional. You are invited to come
to your own conclusions regarding what they represent.

April 5, 2017

This vertical plume came out of the “back” of the creature as another plume began to the left of it.

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Welcome to my blog. I’ve been trying to create an honest narrative to explain…

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…the events on the day I took the following photos, but nothing I can come up with seems
to be even remotely believable.

I’ve been working on a narrative for six years but so far no luck.

The problem is that no one will ever believe a single word.

There’s a story regarding how
the native islanders responded to (or didn’t respond to) Captain Cook’s massive vessels as
they approached what is now called the Philippines. The people didn’t notice them even
as they came within a few hundred feet of shore, simply because their brains could not cope
with the appearance of something which clearly didn’t exist so the response was to deny
the reality which was presented to them by their eyes.

When I was photographing and videoing these massive cloudlike “creatures” there were at least
ten people within a few feet of me, and even though these objects appeared to be only hundreds of feet in
the sky, not a single person would respond to them….except me. I tried to get everyone to
take notice but no one acted as though anything remarkable was happening. I even went into
the donut shop and brought the proprietor out to look at the sky, but after viewing these
obviously bizarre animal-like flying objects overhead, she seemed to notice nothing, and
quickly went back into her store, looking at me in complete denial that anything out of the
ordinary was happening.

See my Youtube video at: Truman Green’s Chemtrail Video in which I present an account
of the day I took these photos. Many of the objects I photographed that day (August 1, 2011)
can be seen in the video.

World’s strangest “living” creatures.

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April 3, 2017

Welcome. I just discovered that many viewers of my blog don’t

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realize that this blog goes all the way back to 2009.

After scrolling to the bottom of the first page, and every page thereafter, just
click on older posts at the bottom left corner and continue scrolling.

There about 220 entries on this blog back to 2009.

Thanks for showing up.


March 31, 2017

When does a 9 become an aftershock?

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Answer: When it comes two days after a 7 at Honshu

Trending interest to all creatures who like water:

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Fake Clouds 101 — How to cloud over a perfect blue sky.

May 22/2012

March 30, 2017

Trending on Truman Green’s Science Rumours:

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The Origin of Oil

My Big Immune Response

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