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December 23, 2010

Coming soon: Wikileaks is propaganda theatre, with Julian Assange directing.

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Hi people. I haven’t gotten this together yet and it’s sad that most people aren’t smart enough to figure out that Assange is working for some intelligence agency by pretending to “leak” information that is damaging to the United States when, in fact, there’s nothing new in his so-called leaks–only a cherry-picked batch of US diplomats’ gossip. My guess is that he’s working for Israel–especially as nothing derogatory about Israel seems to have been leaked and all of the big secret scoops seem to be stirring up the kind of trouble that is in Israel’s interest. You know–same old, same old–Iran’s bad, Russia’s still an enemy of the West, Pakistan supports the Taliban, Iran is sending drones into Iraq. The kind of stuff that is supposed to bring scorn onto Israel’s enemies. Kinda smells like 911!

Google this: Wikileaks Busted

I’ll be back soon with “Wikileaks, Propaganda Theatre.”



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