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April 9, 2013

When newscasts are really Psyops.

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Tonight on the CBC our own Bilderberger inductee, Peter Mansbridge led the “story” about the two Canadians who are alleged to have participated in a terrorist raid against a gas facility in Algeria.

Notwithstanding that I wouldn’t believe anything Mansbridge says after he attended a Bilderberger meeting of the world’s most secretive and powerful globalists without reporting back to Canadians a single syllable regarding what these self-proclaimed world owners talked about, it should be apparent to any educated Canadian that there is, in fact, exactly zero evidence that these two London Ontario men committed any crimes whatsoever, either against Algeria or Canada.

The National Post reports: “According to unidentified sources, the CBC says Ali Medlef and Xristos Katsiroubas were the Canadians whose bodies were found amidst the carnage.”

And until today this claim by an “unidentified” sources comprises 100% of the evidence that these young men did anything wrong whatsoever.

The entire story has been generated by the media without any input from Canadian police forces, intelligence services or the Canadian government. A third young man, Mansbridge tells us, in in prison “convicted” (Mansbridges’s word) of having, (wait for it) “ties to Al Queda.”

When did Canadians become so stupid that they can’t see that the entire story is merely another psychological operation devised to further someone’s agenda about international and home-grown terrorism?

The CBC’s first stories about these young men consisted of interviews with students and teachers who knew them in school. In two cases former friends spoke anonymously of their knowledge of the young men, with one man only allowing his face to be shown in silhouette, and a woman was filmed from behind, speaking words that could have been hers or anyone’s, as we never saw her face as she spoke. Filming the back of someone’s head as evidence of what they are saying is some kind of new low in fake journalism. LOL!

None of the family members have been interviewed regarding the fate or guilt of their sons or siblings as the newscast claims that no family members were willing to comment. Apparently reporters received slammed doors as their reward for their diligent investigative reporting.

The quality of investigative journalism presented by Peter Mansbridge and his CBC ilk doesn’t even rise to the level of unsubstantiated rumours, as in truth, there is no story here whatsoever.

There’s no evidence that either Katsiroubas or Medlef brandished weapons, threw or planted bombs, participated in a battle or were supportive in any way in the attack on the gas facility.

The only hint of culpability of the men so far is that apparently their bodies were found in the carnage. Without any supporting indication, the story could just as easily have been spun as “Two former London Ontario have died while trying to protect an Algerian gas facility from a terrorist attack.”

Or: “Two London Ontario men die while working as undercover agents for a Western Intelligence Agency.”

Convicting them in the press of participating in a murderous terrorist raid without any evidence of what they actually did is something we expect to happen in a police state, but certainly not in Canada.

And speaking of investigative journalism, Mansbridge is happy to convict Medlef and Katsiroubas in the media without even a hint of evidence, but totally close mouthed regarding his attendance at the Bilderberger meeting.

Here’s a headline: “Canada’s best-known tv journalist attends world’s most secretive and hi-powered pack of
globalists but refuses to report even a single word about what was said back to Canadians.”

I have no idea what these young men did in Algeria, or if their bodies were properly identified, or if they were indeed “terrorists” as the CBC rumours. But I do know that a nationally-reported news story presented entirely without supporting evidence is not really a newsstory, but rather, at best, a news comedy, and at worst, a psychological operation masquerading as investigative journalism.


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