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June 30, 2012

Strangest photo ever taken. (By anyone)

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Please click on this photo to enlarge it. View the image in the space between the “clouds.”

I often smile when I think of the kind of ridicule, mockery and disbelief I would have received if I had tried to explain what I had seen in the sky without the benefit of these first two photos. Imagine!


Strangest thing I’ve ever seen!

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June 29, 2012

Happy Summer, enjoy the rain in Surrey

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Here’s what the bad guys have planned for our summer: Perhaps the occasional two days of sunshine after which the chemtrails will spew their loads of ionizing product, haze a perfectly blue sky and create the clouds using electromagnetic energy directed and aimed from secret facilities. When I was a kid in Surrey in the fifties we used to get weeks of wonderful sunshine, now with the controlled weather we’re very fortunate to get two days. Speaking of the fifties, in 1958 (I was 13) a wonderful singer named Jane Morgan recorded an equally wonderful song called, The Day The Rains Came. Well, today, at least in Surrey BC, that song would be great background music for just about any day of the month.

June 23, 2012

Here’s the link to the military “unclassified” document.

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If this link doesn’t work scroll down to my April 17 post and click on the same link there.  It seems to work on April 17, but  perhaps not on June 22.

If you’ve read the document which seems to expose the entire US military program of weather modification you are probably asking yourself: Now, why would the military provide this document of its long term weather modification program to friend and foe alike? Something seems wrong here.

Reverse engineering propaganda: The real intention of the document, “Owning the Weather in 2025” is to create a patriotic response from readers who will conclude that the entire chemtrail program is about maintaining the superiority of western military allies over other “unfriendly” forces.  This is a kind of disinformation propaganda known as “redirecting.” The other propaganda value is the fake suggestion that such weather modification capability will only become available around the year 2025, when in fact, the capability is available now, and being used now to control the allocation of fresh water, the world’s most valuable commodity.

To read a classic disinformation article (perhaps the most classic disinfo article ever published) please search “911 Crazy Talk” on the “progressive” Canadian site This article published by David Beers, editor of, and written by Matthew Rothschild ridicules, mocks and claims to debunk all of those people who don’t believe the official version of the 911 collapse of three (not two) world trade center buildings.

Another example of what I call “in your face propaganda” is Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program. Much of what Ventura presents on his show is true but the disinformation value is achieved not only by the title which creates the impression that those who believe in the information are just “conspiracy theorists,” but also by the production values with which the show is presented including the unnecessary dramatic music which viewers associate with fiction programming.  Perhaps the greatest disinformation value of Ventura’s show is that whatever he includes will never be discussed or featured in the Mainstream Media. The result is the automatic devaluation of the information by the sheer fact that, for most people, nothing really happens on earth unless it is documented on the pages of the New York Times, or in any other fake “news” outlet owned by a consortium of the same people who are doing all of the hoaxes such as the H1N1 flu pandemic, 911, “Al Queda,” terrorism, global warming, peak oil, “fossil fuels” and puppet president, Barry Soetero.

Truman Green, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

10 am June 21. Newton, Surrey BC Canada. Same old, same old, and sheeple don’t notice them.

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The various disinformation agents and official liars have done their jobs well; the sheeple, at least of Surrey BC Canada, now just accept these artifical cloud making chemtrails as normal contrails from airplanes, which is to say condensation made by the same process by which we can see the water vapour from our own breaths on a cold day. Problem is these trails are much too low and the weather is much too warm for jets’ contrails to form. The almost unfathomable truth is that these chemtrails consist of ionizing products such as aluminum and barium that allow the focusing of the electromagnetic waves which direct the assembly of artificial clouds and various other weather products such as tornadoes and hurricanes.  

Everytime in the last several years that a clear blue sky has appeared overhead in Surrey it has been quickly followed by these mist-making chemtrails from planes that will within hours turn the entire sky into a misty gray and these mists will be converted to clouds from which precipitation will develop.

June 21, 2012

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