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September 30, 2012

Read: Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather in 2025.

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As a primer for reading this blog and viewing the photos of weather modification over Surrey BC, Canada in action, it’s probably a good idea to read the US army “research paper” entitled, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather in 2025.” Google it. As of a minute ago it was still available on the internet.

Of course the propaganda value of this paper is the pretense that all of this weather modification will become available by 2025 when in fact it’s already here in 2012.

The fall and winter of 2012-2013 will be the sunniest and driest ever to hit this area and the cause is that the weather-makers forgot that water vapour in our atmosphere is a “zero-sum” production and there’s been so much rain-making going on in the past few years that they’ve sucked so much of it out of the natural weather system that their obvious efforts to produce rain will fail except for the occasional few hours here and there.

Get ready for a sunny, rainless winter folks. And get ready for it all to be blamed on another one of their ridiculous hoaxes, known as “Global Warming.”

Meanwhile, view all of the photos on this blog by scrolling down to the bottom of each page and clicking on “older posts” as you come to the bottom of each post.


September 27, 2012

On Global Warming Horatio K says: “It’s more than a theory.”

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The Global Warming scam is all over television of course. Of global warming Horatio K, played by deadly-serious David Caruso says: “It’s more than a theory.”

Of course Horatio’s two second blurb is taken completely out of context so he  might have been talking about some entirely different issue, like who tried to mutilate and burn the body of his latest murder victim, for instance.

Inadvertently Horatio’s right about “global warming,” which like the H1N1 “Pandemic” is not only more than a theory, it’s also a huge hoax, not to mention one of history’s most obvious scams and money makers, right up there with statins for cholesterol maintenance. (The body produces its own cholesterol; if you eat too many dead animals your own body will stop producing it, thereby automatically regulating your level of cholesterol. If you eat too many pigs, chickens and little baby calves, you’ll become obese and that will be your problem–not too much cholesterol).

Did I explain that okay? If not, mybad–the cholesterol, “good cholesterol-bad cholesterol” hoax is just so stupid I can barely write a serious sentence about it.

September 18, 2012

My first and last film review.

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Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise was weird on that Letterman (I think) show in which he walked on the couch and laughed way too enthusiastically at the smallest hint of humour by his host. Could have been Jay Leno. I can’t quite remember. Notwithstanding this odd behaviour and his affiliation with a rather bizarre religious cult, Cruise was absolutely brilliant in his role as a doctor who has accidently stumbled on some of the satanic and unaccountabale activites of a super government which seems not to be subjected to the legislative authority of the government of the United States or, indeed, to any other legitimate governing body.  

Cruise’s character seems initially interested in somehow exposing this satanic entity, but after being warned off by a stranger in a Rolls Royce, and having his wife, (played by real-life wife, Nicole Kidman) and child threatened, he eventually decides that they will let it lie and he and his wife resolutely thank “their lucky stars” that they have managed to escape the wrath of this singularly evil organization. The suspicious deaths of two of their acquaintances no doubt hurried the realization of this eventual accommodation.

This film was obviously Kubrick’s last attempt to warn the world about an existence of a world super government, but it can just as easily serve as a propaganda piece and warning to others not to try to confront the elitist groups whose members somehow have the notion that they are the special people whose legacy is to control and rule the rest of the human population, and by so doing continually direct fantastic amounts of wealth into their own coffers.  As the doctor, played by Cruise finds out, it is extremely dangerous and perhaps even suicidal to try to confront these people, but without those who try, future generations will be lost to the whims of a satanic cult led by an appointed anti-Christ-like figure, and there will be no going back as the world’s most powerful military forces will be under the complete control  of this super government. As my book publisher once commented to me when I was advising him of the HIV-AIDs, Federal Reserve and Global Warming hoaxes: “They kill people, you know.”


I wrote the above brief review of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut about two hours ago. I’ve been mulling over Kubrick’s intentions for a couple of hours and now believe that the film was most likely conceived and developed as a warning to anyone who might get up enough courage to confront the secret government.

In almost all good-versus-evil type major productions from Hollywood the good guys either win or leave the viewer with the sense that even though a battle with evil may have been won by the bad guys, they have at least by their sacrifices left in place the eventuality of a victory by the forces of good over evil.

In Eyes Wide Shut Cruise’s charcter and his wife both conclude the film by deciding that they are no match for the sinister forces which they have accidentally encountered, and that further curiousity and interference would eventually lead to their deaths, and that they should thank their lucky stars for having survived.

And this seems to be the moral of the story, just as the note handed to Cruise by that stranger in the Rolls Royce. Paraphrased, it read: “Stay out of it for your own good. To try to interfere is useless. You are lucky to be alive.”

And it is not possible to escape the reality that this is also the main message of the film and the intention of the producers and financiers, who are, afterall, just the same old gang of moguls who have been controlling Hollywood since day one.  

So whatever Kubrick was trying to tell us, his film will continue to be seen on television and it will continue to scare the bejesus out of anyone who has the guts to confront the supreme elite globalists who own all of the publishing companies and other media and who think they own the earth and that the rest of us are just serfs working for them.


Turns out it was the Oprah show on which Tom Cruise jumped around on the couch and acted as though he was high on something–which I highly doubt. Lucky I have my own blog as editors would have quickly admonished me for suggesting it was the Letterman or Leno show, and not having the professionalism to at least google: Cruise acts weird on talk show.

September 17, 2012

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Futile rain making over Lower Mainland

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As I predicted on this blog a few months ago it now appears that the weather makers have sucked so much moisture out of the atmosphere in this area that we’re probably in for the driest fall and winter on record. I’ve seen the planes attempting to ionize the atmosphere and the electromagnetically-formed clouds in recent weeks but, except for one day out of about thirty, it’s still remained rainless.

Apparently The Vancouver Sun, our local so-called “newspaper” (really just a personal propaganda gazette of the globalists) did a recent story predicting that our sunny weather is going to stay at least until the end of September and that we’re going to get a very warm winter this year.

The Sun, Province, Times Colonist and most of the television stations are all part of the propaganda machine. I didn’t read the Sun article. I friend told me about it.  I never read propaganda, but it is impossible for the Sun’s writers or anyone else to predict the amount of rain that will fall months in advance–unless, of course, the coming dry, warm winter will result from the destruction of normal weather patterns and systems, and their weather prophesies are just fed to these monopolized “newspapers” by the weather makers.

This kind of propaganda could mean one of two things: either the weather-makers have lost control of the weather, as I predicted, by taking too much moisture from the atmosphere , or they have other plans for the water which would normally fall in his part of the world.

If the cause of ensuing dry, warm weather is lack of moisture from over-manipulation of clouds it is well to remind the “scientists” that moisture or water vapour in the atmosphere is a “zero-sum” game. Whenever you electromagnetically seed clouds in one area you are causing a deficit of rainfall in another. There is a finite number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in and on the earth and in our atmosphere. Manipulate water vapour on the massive scales that have occurred recently and you run the risk of destroying weather systems that have existed on earth for many millions of years.

Despite the “global warming” hoax, which stupidly attributes the heating of the atmosphere to increased levels of carbon dioxide–supposedly a greenhouse gas–water vapour is the only significant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere.

Unless the weather-makers stop their criminal weather manipulation we could eventually see a winter in BC that would appear to be an analogue of one of our conventional summers–even droughts like those that have occurred in parts of Africa or the Southern United States. 

For a primer on how all of this weather manipulation is being accomplished I’d recommend that the reader search for a related story: “US military deploys new heat weapon for crowd control.” Google it.This new crowd control weapon shoots volumes of heat which have been developed according to Nicola Tesla’s discovery that heat and electricity can be sent over great distances bycontrolling and directing radio waves. Combine Tesla’s discoveries with the age of computers and you have radio wave beam capability. For further study see: HAARP, which consists of massive facilities which direct wave energy into the ionosphere which are then directed by computers back to earth.

Many of the photos on this blog are images of this electromagnetic beam technology in action. It’s even possible for “them” to copy a photo or any other image and direct it into the sky as though the sky is a huge television screen, and the July 8 photo is exactly that.  See Project Blue Beam in which it is suggested that at some awful day of propaganda and deception in the future this technology might be used to falsely claim that certain prophesies are coming to pass.

September 16, 2012

Making the weather.

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I could look it up, but someone said: “Everyone talks about the weather, but noone does anything about it.” Can’t remember who said it. Sounds like Mark Twain, maybe. Anyway… It’s no longer true. All of our weather–at least near Surrey, BC Canada is completely man-made.

September 12, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

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 I began this blog about three years ago with the intention of explaining in great detail many of the scientific hoaxes such as global warming, “fossil fuels,” “peak oil,” the HINI “pandemic,” the “good cholesterol-bad cholesterol hoax, the HIV-AIDS hoax, the statin hoaxes, the polyethylene-vapour barrier hoax, the blood pressure hoax, the hepatitis B and C hoaxes, and others such as the Al Queda and 911 hoaxes. I stumbled across the weather manipulation by way of planes spewing chemtrails, at first, then the more sophisticated electromagnetic, ionizing of the atmosphere and have continue with this for the past year or so.

I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest surprise has been the amount of cowardice that is endemic in the the human species. The possibility that some ‘super government’ may be controlling the weather is so frightening to almost everyone that as soon as I mention “chemtrails” or show them undeniable photos, I  immediately become personna non grata. I’ve even recently been disinvited to speak at UBC, from which I graduated in 1968, about a book I had published last year entitled A Credit To Your Race. The reason I was given is that they had a change in administration and no longer find me acceptable. Anyway, somewhere along the way to my 67th year I discovered that we’re all–pathetic cowards included–doing the best we can.

Have a look at my photos, all taken with fifty dollar Kodak digital camera from 2010 to summer, 2012 and come to your own conclusion about what they depict. The image in the photo (July 8)  which was radio-wave projected into the sky is of someone with whom I am very well acquainted, and it was obviously done as a form of intimidation. This all sounds like delusional paranoia, I realize, but in this case the truth is exponentially stranger than fiction.

When you come to the bottom of each page in this blog please continue by clicking on “older posts.”

Happy late summer and fall.


September 5, 2012

No rain for a month in Surrey, except a few hours.

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Major cloud making attempts going on today over Surrey.  I’d speculate that the weather systems are so screwed up that it will never rain again unless the clouds are electromagnetically seeded by chemtrails such as these that occurred over Surrey today at 11.15 a.m.

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